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Drives, home deliveries, online shopping: what works, what blocks

In this period of confinement and in order to limit their movements as much as possible, not many French people use online services to order foodstuffs.

[UpdatedMarch262020[Misajourle26mars2020at 2:45 p.m.] Will French racing habits change after confinement? While everyone is strictly invited to stay at home, many people use grocery and meal delivery sites to avoid queues 1.5 meters from safety and the risk of contamination in supermarkets. Carrefour, Monoprix, Franprix, E. Leclerc, Auchan … The online shopping services of major retail chains are in high demand during this period of confinement. New habits, particularly for people at risk who avoid going out as much as possible, which however happen under certain conditions.

“Consumers who prefer to have their groceries delivered to their home – or who have no other choice – can do so, but under certain conditions. The government encourages them to have parcels small enough to fit in the boxes With more realistic letters, the authorities advise the deliveryman to ring the doorbell to warn, drop the parcel and move at least a meter away before opening the door. signature collection, exceptionally. For purchases in supermarkets, there too, avoid contact with the employee responsible for bringing the packages to the car. Auchan asks, for example, customers to get back in the car. after opening their safe. Then the employee takes care of everything, “it is recommended on the site of 60 Million Consumers.

The purpose of these precautions? Avoid social interactions as much as possible to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus. Having groceries and meals delivered can therefore be a solution, provided you follow these few rules. In France, for the past ten days, only a few necessary trips have been authorized, provided that you fill out a derogatory travel certificate with a valid reason. As for delivery services, here is a short guide to find your way around the stores and home meal delivery sites that still deliver:

Everywhere in France, it is always possible to shop on the Carrefour site, shopping which will then be delivered to your home. However, with of course additional precautions linked to the epidemic context. It’s a queue that welcomes you, and several products may run out depending on the region where you are. Carrefour also announces that it has obviously taken several measures in view of the situation. “In this very special period, many of you place orders. We apologize in advance for the wait and the potential missing items during your delivery”; “Our teams use gloves to prepare orders and regularly clean the carts and terminals”; “We invite you to remain united and order only the quantity necessary for your daily needs” are all messages that we can have on the site (which is slowed down by the influx of requests).

In this unprecedented pandemic context, the retail giants have set up several systems to be able to manage the influx of requests on their online ordering platforms, with new offers. “Due to strong demand, delivery times have been extended. Don’t forget the Click & Collect, order online and collect your Races in store. Thank you for your understanding, “reads the Monoprix website, which also offers priority delivery service to hospital staff.

Another large area where it is always possible to shop online and have them delivered to your home: Leclerc. More than 650 stores offer this service throughout France. But there too, certain products, notably pasta, were victims of this confinement period and are running out. “We invite you to solidarity by not modifying your consumption habits, in particular in the quantities purchased“, is it stated on the Leclerc delivery site.

At Auchan, the observation is the same as in other distributors: shopping online requires patience. On the Auchan site, depending on the locality, it may be indicated that “Delivery slots are filled until Thursday, April 2. For orders beyond, we will open new slots on Monday, March 30, at the end of the day. Thank you for your understanding. “The Auchan Drives are also taken by storm by the French, invited to take responsibility not to create shortages themselves. On the Auchan Drive website, several messages are posted to encourage people to take their pain in patience: “Dear customers, in front of the exceptional affluence and in order to serve a maximum of families, we limit the taking of order beyond 3 days. However, we open slots on a day-to-day basis and we invite you to log in regularly. Thank you for your understanding. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. ”

The company specializing in frozen food offers, via its website, home delivery in major cities in mainland France, “Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. depending on localities“. All 1,100 products in the store are sold at exactly the same price. Delivery costs are only 5 euros.

The Houra delivery platform, which carries the shopping of individuals at home and therefore which is also particularly requested since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, announced Monday to its users that it was suspending new orders until further notice order. “Faced with the exceptional situation that we all know, the whole houra.fr team is mobilized to ensure the continuity of our services, your protection and that of our teams. In order to replenish our stocks and be able to serve you better in the coming days, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend the taking of new orders“, can we read in a press release from the group, which specifies that” all orders already confirmed will be fulfilled “.

If the restaurants had to close their doors, the deliverers them, continue to walk the streets of the cities of France, while ensuring to take measures of distancing to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus, of which the famous delivery “contactless”. In large cities, restaurant meal delivery platforms still work. The best known is Deliveroo, which works with nearly 12,000 restaurants in 300 cities in France. But there are also Uber Eats and Just Eat, leaders in the home meal delivery market. The restaurant meal delivery site Frichti, meanwhile, specializes in “home” cuisine and fresh and seasonal products.

Recall that to fight against the spread of Covid-19 on French territory, the population has the order to limit as much as possible its movements and its social interactions. Only trips deemed necessary are authorized, including food shopping, provided that they are justified by a derogatory travel certificate.

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