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My Secret Terrius – Image: Netflix

Netflix has a new entry in its top 10 worldwide today and for the first time in a long time, this is not a new Netflix title. Instead, it’s a K-Drama from two years ago, but why is My Secret Terrius back in the zeitgeist? Well, it’s all related to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Most of this comes from several passionate observers on social networks who noticed in episode 10 specifically that the series goes deep into a coronavirus-like epidemic specifically in a militarized form.

As Metro.co.uk reports, the series seems to “predict” the current epidemic we are currently experiencing. In a scene from episode 10 at around 50 minutes, we can see a doctor talking about how a coronavirus was developed to have a 90% mortality rate. Later in the episode, the children learn to wash their hands and avoid spreading.

The popularity of K-Drama, therefore, explodes as the viral tweet spreads on social networks and mainly British tabloids.

Of course, the reality is that viruses have been a long-standing trope in movies and TV series for many decades. Not only that, but coronavirus is not a new concept. It’s a broad term for a family of viruses and what we’re dealing with right now is a new strain.

However, it is often worrying to watch movies and series that seem to predict the future. The Simpsons are known for some of their strange predictions, including President Trump. It’s also why movies like Contagion and Pandemic have gained popularity in recent weeks on Netflix.

For the moment, it seems that the popularity of the series is mainly concentrated in the United Kingdom where the series rose to fifth position in the charts today. The series is not available for broadcast on Netflix in the United States. However, it is available on Netflix in Australia and a few other regions as well.

This is why My Secret Terrius is in your timeline, why it is in the top 10 and will likely be there for the next few weeks.

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