Why like 8 other European operators, Orange will provide the location data of its customers


Objective: to verify whether the containment instructions are applied and to monitor the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, in order to “adapt the care system in real time“.

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This request was made at the start of the week by Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the internal market and digital services, directly from the GSMA Association, which brings together 750 players in the mobile telephony sector worldwide.

“No individual tracing”

Last week, Orange, the leading operator in France, said it was already working with researchers from the French Institute for Medical Research (Inserm).

With the collection of the data provided, the health authorities were then able to establish that 17% of Parisians were likely to leave the city.

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However, “there is no individual tracking (…) We do not transmit your photos, your contacts … Only your geolocation. And this is aggregated and anonymized data“, assured the CEO of Orange last Friday.

They will be destroyed once the health crisis is overcome, says the European Commission.

As a reminder, the use of nominative and aggregated name data for the purposes of population mapping in particular, is authorized by European regulations.

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