Why Postponing Third Boxing Fight Against Tyson Fury Is Good News For Deontay Wilder


“Evil for good,” said Deontay Wilder surely when he heard the news. His third fight against his recent tomb, Tyson Fury, scheduled for July 18, was postponed Tuesday because of the coronavirus pandemic which rages in the world. Good news for “The Bronze Bomber”.

And if the American boxer is reputed to be an outstanding warrior, ready to die in the ring – he also resented his clan for having thrown in the towel on February 22, he might not have not be ready in time for this revenge.

Tyson Fury largely dominated his fight

Because if in December 2018, the first epic fight ended in a draw in Los Angeles with a very powerful Deontay Wilder who knew how to impose his law against the British to keep his WBC heavyweight belt, it was completely the opposite during the “rematch”.

Time to work

Completely unrecognizable, the one who was undefeated for 43 fights will have been only the shadow of himself and he left the mat several times, until his ordeal ended on the 7the round by arbitral award.

If he wanted to get back into the ring quickly to battle it out, there is no guarantee that “The Bronze Bomber” would have been level in such a short time. The 34-year-old American must first get back in shape physically after the shocks to the “Gypsy King”.

And above all, Wilder will have to rework his boxing. The 2008 Beijing Olympic bronze medalist has a formidable punch capable of knocking out any opponent. Only, Tyson Fury made sure that he could absolutely not use it during February by completely suffocating him and leaving him no leeway.

If he therefore wants to have a small chance of winning his revenge in fight # 3 and finding his WBC belt he had held since 2015, the American will have to develop his technique. Not easy. But the postponement will allow him to have more time.

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