With the rise of telework, the popularity of VPNs is exploding


The current health crisis forces all companies to reorganize. Telework has been the new watchword since containment measures were ordered. To secure their sensitive content, companies use appropriate tools – like virtual private networks (or VPNs) that encrypt documents that pass through the internet.

A few days ago, the giant NordVPN published some figures on the popularity of its service. Since March 11, it has seen the use of its virtual private network technology increase by 165% worldwide for its “professional” part (NordVPN Teams).

There are, however, disparities between countries which are explained by the requirement for action by the respective governments. For those who want to know more about the service, you can discover NordVPN here.

187% growth in France

In the case of the United Kingdom (which just announced the containment of the population yesterday), the growth in professional use of the NordVPN network was 48% over the period. In France, Belgium and Denmark – three countries whose drastic measures were announced a week ago – the use of the VPN jumped from 180 to 190%. According to NordVPN experts, service growth in the United Kingdom is likely to overtake that of the three countries mentioned above in the coming weeks.

NordVPN Teams

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The VPN provider recorded a growth spurt in the Netherlands, where the service grew 240% in 2 weeks. The United States has seen the increase limit to 66% at the moment. NordVPN, however, anticipates a recovery in growth in the American market, while New York City seems helpless in the face of the rise of the Covid-19.

VPNs encouraged by governments

If VPNs are so successful, it is because some public administrations have explicitly shown themselves in favor of such a technology. By promoting (secure) working at a distance, governments hope to avoid extreme damage to the economy. According to NordVPN, some countries have even forced people to use a VPN to secure their data.

In addition to having a version for individuals (and freelancers), NordVPN has also set up this service for companies called NordVPN Teams. This solution allows employees to connect to the corporate private network to transmit and receive files securely – and remotely.

In the same study, the VPN provider claims to have seen a massive increase in the number of hours worked by users. In the UK, NordVPN Teams users spend an average of 11 hours at work (remotely) since the virus arrived. For comparison, the service recorded an average of 9 hours per day before March 11. In France, the average working time has increased from 8 to 10 hours daily.

If NordVPN’s competitors have not released their numbers, it’s likely that giants CyberGhost, ExpressVPN or Surfshark will have seen similar growth. You can find the main players on the French market with our up-to-date VPN comparison.

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