Woody Allen: his memories finally well published in the United States


After many delays, including the recent coaster of the American branch of the publishing house Hachette, the memories of filmmaker woody Allen will be well published in the United States.

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Earlier this month, following pressure from some of its American employees, publisher Hachette finally co-pedaled in its decision to publish Woody Allen’s memoirs. Scheduled to be published on April 7 in the United States and April 29 in France under the title By the way ((About Nothing in original version), the edition of his memoirs has been canceled. Last year, many American publishers had already given up releasing this book.

The ultimate twist and salvation for the filmmaker comes from the publishing house Arcade Publishing, founded in 1988, which announced on Monday that it wanted to publish the book. “In this strange time, when the truth is too often swept away as fake news, we editors prefer to let a respected artist speak, rather than give in to those who want to silence him” wrote the co-founder of the publishing house, the Frenchwoman Jeannette Seaver, in a press release sent to Variety. In an interview with the magazine Point, it is explained further: “What prudes say, I have nothing to do with it. I am happy because I consider Woody Allen to be an admirable artist. And I find it unacceptable that a publisher, under pressure, gives up publishing a book that ‘he had decided to publish “.

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