A billionaire wants to save the Democrats


Bloomberg had already several times considered a presidential candidate, but then renounced it again. (Image: Andrew Burton / Getty)

Bloomberg had already several times considered a presidential candidate, but then renounced it again. (Image: Andrew Burton / Getty)

Massive money, best relationships and the conviction that his hour has struck: The former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to become a presidential candidate of the Democrats. This pleases the Linkspopulisten.

Samuel Misteli

Wall Street Banker, Mayor of New York, Philanthropist, Republican, Democrat: Michael Bloomberg has already taken many roles in his life. Now, at 77, he sees himself called to seek another: presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

Bloomberg filed on Friday (local time) the documents for a candidacy in the primaries in the US state of Alabama. Shortly before the deadline, his name appeared on the Democrats' website in Alabama in the list of candidates.

Bloomberg is a centrist who joined the Democratic Party only last year. With a fortune of $ 52 billion, he is one of the richest men in the world. According to the "Washington Post" Bloomberg wants to make his campaign exclusively with his own money.

Biden is weakening

Bloomberg apparently believes Democrats' leading candidates are either too vulnerable (Joe Biden) or too far left (Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders) to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020. Bloomberg would join a dense democratic field. Among the challengers of Trump is with Tom Steyer another billionaire.

Bloomberg, who maintains the best relationship with influential Democrats, had already considered for candidacy in 2016 and earlier this year. He renounced both times.

At the end of October 2012, then-New York Mayor Bloomberg gets a picture of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. (Image: Edward Reed / AP)

At the end of October 2012, then-New York Mayor Bloomberg gets a picture of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. (Image: Edward Reed / AP)

Now Bloomberg is, according to confidants but worried about the course of the area code of the Democrats. Joe Biden, a moderator like Bloomberg and 76 years younger, is still considered a favorite, but his campaign stutters. Biden's team earns less money than other contenders, and the candidate himself often struggles. In addition, Biden harms the attention that his son Hunter has attracted with his business in the Ukraine. These were triggers of the Ukraine affair, which led to the impeachment investigation against President Trump.

The other two promising candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, represent left-wing populist positions that target, among others, billionaires like Bloomberg. Many Democrats fear that Warren or Sanders would lose the election against Trump because their positions betray Moderate. A survey by the New York Times seemed to confirm the assumption a few days ago: it revealed that Sanders and Warren might be subject to Trump in major swing states.

A template for Warren and Sanders

Here, Michael Bloomberg sees an obvious gateway to his candidacy. However, the candidate Bloomberg should not have too big chances. Within weeks, he has to build a campaign machine that has been screwing up other candidates for years. Bloomberg also targets a similar electorate as Biden, but it is not clear why Biden's base should overflow in droves to the late-called Bloomberg.

The two left-wing populists Bloomberg will hardly vote. His candidacy should mobilize the left base in addition. Both Sanders and Warren complain that billionaires have too much influence in American politics. Bloomberg's candidacy is therefore a template for her.

They took the opportunity immediately. Warren's team sent out a fundraising message on Thursday stating that Bloomberg's potential candidacy was "another example of how wealthy people think our government and our economy are at their service." Bernie Sanders wrote on Twitter: "The class of billionaires is afraid, and she should be afraid too."

For sharper gun laws, against climate change

Michael Bloomberg, previously a member of the Democratic Party, joined the Republicans in 2001 to compete for the mayor's office in New York. He ruled from 2002 to 2012, the city prospered economically during his three terms. The political left, however, Bloomberg was controversial, because it made him responsible for the fact that the social gap further opened. While shiny skyscrapers were raised in Manhattan, rents for average earners rose to ever new heights. The left has not forgiven Bloomberg that he still defends the police practice of "stop and frisk" – controls that hit mainly blacks and Latinos.

In the recent past, Bloomberg has been committed to tightening gun laws and combating climate change. He also acted as a financially strong donor in action, for the 2018 intermediate elections alone, he spent over $ 100 million.

Now Bloomberg wants to use his fortune apparently for their own campaign. Sufficient money to collect, should be their least problem.

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