Citizenship income, Anpal-Campania clash on the navigator: "Giunta does not release recruitments". "False, the agency's fault"


Skip the painfully reached agreement a month ago between Anpal is Campania Region for the recruitment of 471 navigator, after protests of those who had passed the selection and hunger strike of four of them. The agreement reached between Anpal services and the Region was announced by O at least that is what the National Agency for Active Political Affairs says has announced that it has "learned with regret and amazement that the regional Council of Campania has not approved the convention between Anpal Servizi and Regione Campania that defined the technical assistance modalities ". But the vice president of the Campania region Fulvio Bonavitacola he replied shortly after defining "disconcerting is incorrect"The statement and arguing that the lack of approval by the Regional Council is" a completely baseless argument "and" the reality is exactly the opposite. Anpal tries deliberately to download on the Region exclusively his own failures".

On the one hand, therefore, the Agency led by Mimmo Parisi accuses: "We must note that at thecommitment signed and circulated in the press on the media does not match the factual will of the president De Luca to start the navigator activities in the Campania Region, which could be started as in the other 19 Regions a moment after the agreement was signed ". This despite "in these 15 days we have accepted the multiple changes requested by the regional offices to encourage the start-up of activities".

On the other hand, the Region replies that "disregarding the commitments made at the meeting of 17 October last, still today Anpal has not contracted the navigator for which he made the selection national. It is enough to read the joint note of October 17, which we attach, to verify the actual contents ". The signed report, according to Bonavitacola, "does not provide for any Region-Anpal agreement on the use of personnel in the exclusive responsibility of Anpal services. And in fact, during the meeting the President of Anpal announced that he would proceed to the contractualization immediately after his business trip in the USA. The incomprehensible game of downloading responsibilities will not be tolerated. Anpal made the selection, Anpal has the duty to contract the navigator. All the rest are diversions for not taking responsibility. We invite the navigators to promote an initiative to fight against Anpal. We will be at their side to support them in this battle ".

The regional leader of the 5 Star Movement Valeria Ciarambino commented in a note underlining that Governor De Luca "for four months, the only case in Italy, has denied an opportunity to hundreds of graduates who have passed one public and transparent selection to work as a Navigator. Now, 15 days after Minister Provenzano's announcement that he naively believed he had convinced his party's governor to sign the convention that allows Anpal to take on the Navigator, De Luca suddenly changed his mind. And he did it after asking and getting from Anpal over 60 changes to the original convention. Explain today the reason for this absurd decision, after his own announcements with great fanfare and after everyone, starting with the ministers and representatives at every level of the Democratic Party, asked him to stop once and for all with an attitude of absolute irresponsibility and on whose alleged reasons he changed several times version".


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