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Mario Cipollini has just been released from the hospital and is not at best. "I'm only 52, I still have things to do in life. I'm going through a very difficult time, where the wind is blowing in my face, but I'm used to fighting, "says the former pro cyclist.

It must be said that he has just spent five hours on billiards. A surgical intervention was necessary to retype the heart of the Italian, who suffers from viral myocarditis. This myocardial inflammation can be fatal in one in five cases.

His doctor, Roberto Corsetti, confided in the "Gazztta dello sport": "The problem is much more serious than we can think. Yes, Mario risked his life. We will put it back on the ground. But we do not know how long, maybe in two or three months. "

The intervention was done last month, and Super Mario released its health issues to help people better understand the heart risks faced by cyclists.

"There is no cure"

"It's a serious, no kidding disease that can lead to extreme consequences. The mother of a dear friend died of the effects of this disease. Doctors have discovered that mine is due to a virus. There is no cure, only total rest. I fill my days while reading. I study, I inquire. I'm fine, but I feel a bit apathetic, "said Mario Cipollini.

The Italian continues, "It's strange, because as an athlete, you think you're healthy, strong, perfect … I realized that something was wrong with a climbing effort. At 500 watts, I felt like I was hitting a wall. "

A harassment affair

The heart problems of Mario Cipollini do not stop at his myocardium. Sabrina Landucci, his ex-wife, has made serious accusations against the world champion. He reportedly pointed a gun at her, treated her badly and harassed her. This case has already been closed but a prosecutor has decided to reopen it. On December 4, his former mother-in-law and former brother-in-law will be heard. The audience of Cipollini has not been fixed yet.

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