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Producing with certainty is the essence of the work in the companies of our social system, perhaps that is why the finger that rings this year is the slogan that governs the National Day of Safety and Health at Work: "Universal protection" .

These two words are sufficient to encompass and summarize the great importance of safeguarding the life and health of workers in Cuba, an aspect highlighted every year from November 1 to 30, in a day that also, firmly intended, through diverse activities , raise the culture in work safety.

It also focuses on strengthening actions aimed at improving working conditions, without neglecting the movement of protected areas, union inspection and collective bargaining agreements.

Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) is a multidisciplinary field that addresses issues related to areas such as Medicine, Toxicology, Physiology and Law.

In Granma, the Day opened its “doors” in the Electric Company, a center where the work for its operators is extremely risky, but which has managed to comply with the established norms and has good results in this regard, by staying free from fatal accidents and violations.

Unfortunately, in the province the action is not the same in other entities, because although the annual average of fatal accidents is seven, and this year the figure is only three in the eleventh month of the year, there are still aspects to be polished, rules to respect and especially knowledge to apply in this regard.

It should never be forgotten that education and prevention are cardinal elements in order to minimize occupational accidents, not only because of the irreparable human and economic damages, but also because of the impact they have on the family and society.

In Cuba, the right to protection and occupational hygiene is constitutionally endorsed, and the Labor Code devotes space to detail what concerns this matter, which becomes the theory. It is up to the workers and unions for each instance to know it, apply it and demand that the administrations comply, that, without a doubt, is a privilege, so it is painful to miss it.

It is necessary to continue improving the process of identifying hazards and assessing risks in the workplace, prevention programs to counter them and training workers, however there are currently some difficulties with the execution of the budget for the acquisition of the means of protection by There is no always response from suppliers.

Organized by the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC), and its unions, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the purposes of the Day on this occasion, include the celebration of the 100 years of the establishment of the

International Labor Organization, an entity that summons workers to their protection in compliance with established agreements.

When the next day 30, at the Granma Agricultural Workshops, located in Bayamo, the day is closed, the commitment to obtain superior results in 2020 and to have more and more protected workers will be patented.

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