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In recent days we have been very attentive to many issues that have to do with football, but most have developed outside the field and have even made us neglect the great performance of our U-17 team in the World Cup in Brazil, participation which encourages the decayed and uncertain present of our absolute Tricolor, which at the moment is aimlessly and without a captain.

Another event that we have neglected is the final of the South American Cup that will play Independiente del Valle with the Colon de Santa Fe, Argentina, and that being final implies a great pride for football. It is not a simple matter to get our representative to be a finalist in an international tournament again. Remember that in 2016 he was also a finalist for the Copa Libertadores, which unfortunately lost with Atlético Nacional de Medellín.

Another issue that occupied us was the misguided statements made by a charlatan: Leonardo Ramos, a Barcelona technician. The Uruguayan convulsed the environment with his accusations without evidence and in the style of cowards hid his hand after throwing the stone. Thus he tried to hide all the seriousness of his accusations, especially that which damages the image of Ecuadorian football when it is suspected that bets are possibly influencing Ecuadorian football. Hopefully the authorities of our football investigate, as they have offered, and if it is the case, actions are taken or the corresponding sanctions are determined.

Another piece of news, which although it was no longer surprising, is that DT Jürgen Klinsmann will not be the one to lead our National Team because according to the version of the president of the FEF, Francisco Egas, in the attempt to sign the German he found “many stones in the way". Meanwhile, the name of José Pekerman takes flight again, but the negotiations with him have not been agile enough to confirm his hiring officially. And it would not be surprising that if it is not possible to achieve with the Argentine, the closest candidate would be the well-known Jorge Célico.

It was also news that FIFA declared inadmissible the lawsuit filed by Gustavo Quinteros against the FEF, which caused the immediate reaction of the national team coach who attacked Carlos Villacís, former president of the Federation. Quinteros insisted that Ecuador did not deserve to go to the 2018 World Cup with the leadership that administered Ecuaf Fútbol; but Quinteros, current trainer of the Catholic University of Chile, is forgotten that he was one of the most important managers of the selection's failure in the previous qualifiers.

And as if this were not enough, another issue that has also given much to comment on is the financial support that Miguel Ángel Loor, president of the LigaPro, gave to Barcelona so that he could complete the value he owed to the Galactic club of Manabí. A default in payment would have prevented them from playing the decisive part of the championship to the Canaries, who eventually visited Olmedo and won, which represented the second classification in the standings. Thus, Barcelona secured its ticket to the Libertadores 2020 and also placed second and will begin the playoffs against Aucas.

The friendlies with Trinidad and Tobago and with Colombia should not be played. For them the dispute of the national championship in its most important stage was suspended for more than 20 days.

Regarding the questioning of Loor's contribution, for those who see that act as inappropriate and not possible, is that the president of the LigaPro take money from his personal staff in order to support a team that participates in the championship to pay their bills Institutional In this regard, Loor himself replied that the reasons why he did so were the following: 1) That it was an emergency situation and that they are decisions of a president. And that he did it knowing the risk and the drastic consequences generated by non-payment, because the loss of the BSC category would harm all Ecuadorian football; 2) That he attended as emergent, because the request of President José Francisco Cevallos was a few minutes before the peremptory deadline was met; 3) That he could not deliver money from the LigaPro, because it did not correspond and also broke the payment structure; 4) And that if the sanction is given, the absence of BSC in the match in Riobamba would frustrate the festivities for the celebration of the 95 years of the club's foundation in 2020, with the economic damage it would cause.

On the same subject, several journalists gave their opinion, among them Carlos Vera, who in his Twitter account expressed that “the decision of Miguel Ángel Loor, by facilitating from his money that that LigaPro owed to BSC, because at hand he only had Your checkbook, if not lost within half an hour, is as dangerous as fair. In the end, the supreme value of the right is not legality but justice. ”

From my point of view, interpreting the pronouncement of the president of the LigaPro and the opinions of various journalists, I think that the justifications for why he did it, the circumstances, the moment and the purpose may mitigate the criticisms against that personal economic support. Although I think he should not have done it and should have avoided it for the position he holds; in short, it ends up not being a fundamental error, but of form.

Another issue that will give much to talk about will be the two FIFA dates that will be played in Portoviejo, on November 14 against Trinidad and Tobago, and then on 19 in New Jersey against Colombia. I believe that they should not be carried out in view of the fact that our National Team does not yet have an elected driver and that Celico, without being officially the Ecuadorian coach, will continue to think in his own way and without obeying any process or program to prepare our team for the qualifiers and Copa América 2020. And especially because for these matches he suspended for more than 20 days the dispute of the national championship in its most important stage. How much does it affect clubs to lose the rhythm of the championship they had? How much can affect the clubs that players have to contribute to these two friendly matches? We will see the claims and complaints of the coaches at the time.

Paying attention or dedicating yourself to not seeing the important things as a whole, being filled with analysis of the details that, even having meaning, do not solve the core issues, is also a sign of the inability to observe the solutions fully. Although the phrase "trees do not show the forest" seems to denote wisdom or expertise, the truth is that it means, according to the theory, more inclination to the awkward and inadequate.

Things of our football. Sometimes it's time to make a mea culpa for consuming and privileging this controversial information and we do abstractions, without realizing that the most important issues are postponed, such as the great effort that the youth of the Under-17 made in the World Cup (eliminated in the round of 16 when losing with Italy 1-0) or that the Independent can obtain today the title of champion of the South American Cup in Asunción. (OR)

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