Nahuel Gallardo's confession about his father: "I didn't have such faith in him"


The endless legacy of Marcelo Gallardo in front of River he came to surprise even his most intimate circle, as his son confessed this Friday Nahuel, who today started in the Reserve 4-0 on Rosario Central.

"Since he took it, he surprises me. Nor did I have such faith that he was going to achieve so many things in such a short time. Today I take it as something more natural," the defender told Radio La Red.

In addition, he told the influence of the Doll in his beginnings: "Since I was a kid I was told that I had many things to correct, even if I played for eight or nine points. And today he says the same to any side. I try to look at Milton (Helmet) already (Fabrizio) Angileri. "

Finally, the side spoke of his career: "At the beginning of the year there was the possibility of looking for minutes elsewhere. I preferred to stay here to fight it. I added minutes and that makes me well. I will see what can happen in December. If there is any chance of going outside, I will not take it with bad eyes. "

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