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Madrid, Nov 9 (EFE) .- They have millions of followers around the world and their moves generate as many cheers as Messi or Ronaldo. The stars of "League of Legends" meet tomorrow Sunday in Paris to fight in the final duel of the World Cup played by the European G2 eSports and the Chinese FunPlus Phoenix.

The final of "Worlds 2019", the official video game championship of Riot Games, is presented as one of the most exciting in its history. These are the most recognizable protagonists of the contest:

– Rasmus Borregaard Winther, "Caps". About to turn twenty, the Danish is one of the top stars of the competition. The season ('summer split') of 2018 ended with the most valuable player title (MVP) and is considered one of the best European players. He is a family member, his brother, Christoffer Borregaard "Ryze", is a well-known professional Dota2 player.

– "Perkz", Luka Perkovic: This 21-year-old Croatian is the most successful player in Europe. He has taken six times the title of the European league, a record. He is the third player in the European league that has reached a thousand deaths in competition, and his participation was essential for the classification of his team in the semifinals played in Madrid.

– Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez. The former Spanish player of "League of Legends" and owner of G2 has managed to make a name for himself in the sector thanks to the success of his team. If G2 wins tomorrow it would be the first team to complete a Grand Slam. According to Forbes, the team that owns 'ocelot' has doubled its value in the last year from 60 to 165 million euros.

– Kim Tae-sang, "Doinb": With 25 years, he is the most prominent player of the Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix, who has lived a year of vertigo, thanks in large part to the skills of the young Korean. This year they won the Chinese league winners and reached the final for the first time after beating Invictus (3-1), the team that won the World Cup last year.

It is the first time in the history of the competition that the SK Telecom T1 team is out of the final (it was only missing on another occasion but because it did not appear).

The Korean team and its main figure, which is known as 'the Messi of video games', Lee Sang-Hyeok, "Faker", could not do anything against the momentum that G2 has taken this season and lost in the semifinal held in Madrid.

Despite being unknown to the general public, these players move millions of followers, have millionaire contracts and have sponsors at the level of any traditional sports competition.

The "League of Legends" World Cup competitions are followed by millions of people around the world, especially in China and Korea, where the fondness for these sporting events is widespread socially.

Last year's final, held in South Korea, was seen by 99.6 million people (24 million more than in 2017). In addition to broadcasting in 'streaming' through the usual channels (Twitch or YouTube).

In addition to millionaire prizes (in 2018 the competition distributed more than six million euros among all players), the winner takes home the Summoner's Cup, a trophy that weighs 32 kilos, and that five times went to Korean teams.

The estimated global audience of this type of event is estimated at around 370 million viewers, according to the consultant Newzoo, a specialist in the sector. By 2021, the audience is expected to reach 557 million. EFE

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