1-1. Guti debuts at the head of Almeria with a draw against Zaragoza


Almeria, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Jose Maria Gutierrez 'Guti' debuted this Sunday as coach of Almeria with a 1-1 draw at home against Zaragoza in a match in which each team owned the game in one part and in that the locals went ahead to the edge of the break with somewhat from the Uruguayan Darwin Sanchez, and the visitors equaled the second half through Miguel Linares.

Almeria, without having the ball more than its rival, was the one who commanded in the first part, in which they had more scoring chances and managed, in the last minute, to get ahead on the scoreboard through Darwin Nunez.

In the second part, the game was handled by the Victor Fernandez team, with more ball and better proposal than an Almeria whose ideas were going, without enjoying occasions, except for the heart because, in the second part, the head It was set by the team, which tied with a goal from Linares.

Almeria and Zaragoza played a first part in which the ball was taken by Victor Fernandez, but the chances were Guti's team, more damaging and responding well to the harassment with raises by the bands that created problems to the zaragocista defense.

The Indian picture was more accurate. The zaragocista team touched between central to have the ball, but his first shot, by Pombo, was stopped by Rene Roman in the 11th minute.

Then Guti's team appeared, who tried it first with a shot from Coric, in 14, and another from Darwin Nunez, with everything for the goal, but he didn't get it right in hand with Mouse and the ball went off.

For a few minutes Zaragoza owned the ball and forced the rojiblancos to take a step back to curb attempts. However, without the ball, Almeria managed with solvency to not allow the joys. So, until the end of the first part.

In that phase, a mistake with James's lack of Balliu was the goal ball. The launch was executed by Sergio Aguza and the ball, on the edge of the small area, was headed by Darwin Nunez to end the first half with the goal.

Although Almeria pressed to seek the goal of tranquility, with two continued actions of Corpas and Coric, it was Zaragoza who began to have the most ball, with Eguaras in that phase, to manage the game.

In an action in which Almeria had Ivan Martos injured, Linares, who had entered a few minutes before, took the opportunity to put the boards in a hand-in-hand with Rene.

Almeria, with more heart than head, began to be an imprecise team in that later phase, without having more chances. The game was held by the Zaragoza team, who sought more with the entry of Papu by Pombo and a shot of his could surprise Rene.

Real Zaragoza was afraid of football, which took over the game, although the last five minutes were rojiblancos, stalking and looking for the goal, but without finding the hole to be able to do damage, with the participation of Corpas and Appiah extremes.

– Data sheet:

1 – UD Almeria: Rene Roman; Ivan Balliu, Nikola Maras, Ivan Martos (Lucien Owona, m. 64), Jonathan Silva; Radosav Petrovic, Sergio Aguza; Jose Corpas, Ante Coric (Arvin Appiah, m. 71), Jose Carlos Lazo and Darwin Nunez.

1 – Real Zaragoza: Mouse; Vigaray, Guitian, Clemente, Nieto; Raul Guti, Eguaras, James Igbekeme (Linares, m. 59), Kagawa (Alex Blanco, m. 86); Soro and Pombo (Papu, m. 68).

Goals: 1-0. m. 45: Darwin Nunez. 1-1, m. 64: Miguel Linares.

Referee: Alvaro Barrera, of the Catalan committee. He admonished Jose Carlos Lazo (m. 15), Ivan Martos (m. 26), Petrovic (m. 35) and Jonathan Silva (m. 82), of UD Almeria, and James Igbekeme (m. 43), Carlos Nieto (m. 67) and Raul Guti (m. 86), of Real Zaragoza.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fifteenth day of the Second Division League Championship A, SmartBank League, held at the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games, before 10,403 spectators. EFE

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