1-3. Elche rummages through the wound of an increasingly sick Depor


La Coruna, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Elche has rummaged a little more in Deportivo's wound, increasingly ill in LaLiga SmartBank, unable to stand up, knocked out by the bleeding that their 27 goals against.

To the ilicitanos they were enough two goals to the stopped ball (a foul and a penalty) and a counterattack after an error of the Deportivo in the center of the field to overcome the colista, who until now had not lost the hope of recovering and fighting for the ascent but that has been destined to establish salvation as a goal.

The players ended up dejected, sunk cheerfully after the ninth varapalo, with some handkerchiefs in the stands and shouts of "outside, outside" and "those shirts do not deserve them", songs that joined the usual in recent days calling for resignation of the Board of Directors and the sports director.

After the controversial statements of Venezuelan international Christian Santos about his little role in the field and costumes, the blue and white coach, Luis Cesar Sampedro, chose to keep him on the bench and discard the Italian Samuele Longo, who went from eleven to the stands.

The left band soon became a highway that the veteran Nino was able to face, with a tunnel included in Montero and a pass to the area that the Greek Lampropoulos intercepted in time.

It was the first warning of the ilicitanos, who did not forgive the second, at 13 minutes, a direct foul that the defender Gonzalo Verdu executed to the short stick, over the barrier, and that Dani Gimenez touched insufficiently to avoid the goal , the eleventh with a standing ball scored by Elche this season.

Deportivo, who had started the game with their ends in their natural bands, changed them, but did not improve and Elche could even increase their numbers in the strategy with a header from Manu Sanchez in a corner kick (m.24 ).

In the resumption, Kone was benefited, as in Fuenlabrada, from an error of a defense (Dani Calvo), but Verdu risked to the maximum and he managed that the Ivorian could not define before Édgar Badia.

The party also had controversy in the two areas, first in Elche, where the referee did not penalize a hand of Verdu because he understood that it came from a rebound, and did punish, in the Deportivo, the fall of Claudio Medina against Dani Gimenez after the goalkeeper had missed a shot from Nino.

Fidel, who came from a hat-trick against Mirandes (4-2), did not fail from eleven meters and Elche again had the game in his hand before a sportsman deranged by anxiety.

In the absence of twenty minutes, Luis Cesar went on a 4-4-2 with the incorporation of Christian Santos, who heard whistles, and in a play in which the Venezuelan participated, the Coruna had the tie in a header from Mollejo to which he responded Badia with a paradon (m.74).

Elche finished with the eleven players in his field, stopped Deportivo and, after a loss of Aketxe, liquidated his rival in a counterattack that Pere Milla resolved in second instance.

-Data sheet:

1 – RC Deportivo: Dani Gimenez; Mujaid (Borja Galan, m.81), Lampropoulos, Montero, Salva Ruiz; Bergantinos (Christian Santos, m.71), Peru Nolaskoain; Jovanovic (Borja Valle, m.59), Aketxe, Mollejo; and Kone.

3 – Elche CF: Édgar Badia; Oscar, Gonzalo Verdu, Dani Calvo, Juan Cruz; Josan (Ivan Sanchez, m.53), Manu Sanchez, Gonzalo Villar, Fidel (Pere Milla, m.69); Nino and Qasmi (Claudio Medina, m.37).

Goals: 0-1, M.13: Gonzalo Verdu. 1-1, M.26: Gizzard. 1-2, M.57: Fidel, of penalty. 1-3, M.87: Pere Milla.

Referee: Diaz de Mera, of the Castilian-La Mancha Committee. Yellow to Manu Sanchez (m.6), Qasmi (m.15), Juan Cruz (m.75) and Ivan Sanchez (m.83) of Elche; and Alex Bergantinos (m.14), Montero (m.31), Mollejo (m.51) and Salva Ruiz (m.79), of Deportivo.

Incidents: LaLiga SmartBank's fifteenth game match played at the Abanca-Riazor Stadium, before 11,690 fans. EFE

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