1. FC Cologne: Alexander Wehrle talks about the crisis


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Zero at 1. FC Cologne: After the 1: 2 defeat against TSG Hoffenheim is the relegation-threatened club without coach and sports director there. Both met Alexander Wehrle (44) again on Saturday for a farewell conversation. And now? In the EXPRESS he gives the reports about the chaos at the FC a rejection.

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The last common game: Chief Financial Officer Alexander Wehrle with former sports director Armin Veh.

Things are repeating for Alexander Wehrle

It should be for the Swabians Deja vu: Already in 2017 he was suddenly without his sports team colleagues, a little later without a coach. But Wehrle wants to do everything that the 1st FC Cologne is not again the fate of descent overturned. "We were convinced by Achim Beierlorzer, but he did not get the necessary points. Nevertheless, I am sure that we will hold the class. The squad has enough quality, the mechanisms are different than then. "

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For the fight for the rescue, a new coach should come as soon as possible, until then take over Beierlorzers assistant Andre Pawlak and Manfred Schmid (both 48) the post. Even without a sporting director, they have enough sports skills in the club, Wehrle believes: "Frank Aehlig and JOrg Jakobs have been in business for 20 years, but we do not need to talk about Erich RutemOller. Werner Wolf and I have been active in the football business for almost two decades now. We are capable of action, chaos certainly does not prevail here. "

"1. FC KOln is an interesting address!"

In any case, the FC is not only for coaches, but also for a sports director an interesting address. "Anyone who believes that nobody wants to go there, will not recognize the force, the radiance that this club has," says Wehrle. "The board is looking for the managing director. You have a list of candidates. "

That one hired a headhunter with it, was only professionally from the board. "We are not doing this for the first time. The FC is and remains a house number in German football. "

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1. FC Cologne: Alexander Wehrle in the focus of the fans

Wehrle, who got backing from the board last week, became the focus of the fans against Hoffenheim. Shortly afterwards, he remained petrified at the gate of Jhon Cordoba, which some accused him of afterwards.

Wehrle: "If you are in public, you have to live with criticism. I never cheer at the first goal. This is not safe enough for me. That had nothing to do with the criticism. I like this city, I like this club and I'll do a hell of it and let the FC down. "

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Alexander Wehrle and Armin Veh as "Susi and Strolch"

This club is now in his aegis for the second time as managing director in heavy seas. But Wehrle remains optimistic. "The sports director and the coach, these are two key positions. We have to occupy it well. This is a new beginning and there always lives a chance. We have to make the turnaround, and I'm confident we'll do that. "

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