1. Look at turquoise-green ministers


Two greens are considered fixed starters as green ministers. As Turquoise and Greens should agree, Werner Kogler and Leonore Gewessler would join as Ministers in such a government:

Werner Kogler as Vice Chancellor

The most likely variant would be that Green Federal spokesman Werner Kogler vice chancellor – with the agendas culture, sports and civil servants – and government coordinator would.

Environment & infrastructure: Gewessler

Ex-Global 2000 boss Gewessler would then be the logical mistress of the newly created super-ministry with environment and infrastructure. While not all happy at the OVP, the Greens are the traffic agendas to leave, but "overall, it would be logical," says a turquoise strategist.

Leonore Gewessler
© TZOE / Moni Fellner

The former Global 2000 boss Gewessler could take over super-ministry.

Social: Hebein or ROssler

The second important ministry for the Greens is the Ministry of Social Affairs. Some also want to give the integration ministry to the major ministry. For this ministry the name Birgit Hebein is named. However, the green Vice Mayor of 2020 must beat the Vienna state election.

Birgit Hebein

Hebei: Vienna election instead of ministerial posts?

Probably would be Ex-Provincial Councilor Astrid ROssler. Unless Kogler needed her as head of the club, if he just changed into a government. At the moment, the Greens are also looking for "the best minds" via headhunters, according to an insider. It would be conceivable for an expert to become a social minister.

Astrid Rossler

Astrid ROssler could become Minister of Social Affairs.

Langthaler and Lockl

As the highest ministrable in the green world, the ex-Greens stars Monika Langthaler and Lothar Lockl are called.

Langthaler U Committee.Standbild001.jpg

Monika Langthaler is also high in the ministerial course.

Lothar Lockl
© TZOE / Gruber

His name appears again and again in Minister Poker: Lothar Lockl.

Integration: Alma Zadic

A third ministry – Education detached from science – should still go to the eco-movement in the case of a turquoise-green government. If integration does not migrate to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Alma Zadic, for example, could join the Ministry of the Interior as State Secretary for Integration. Just like Sebastian Kurz was Secretary of State for Integration there.

Alma Zadic

Neo-Green Alma Zadic as State Secretary.

Defense: Starlinger, Exterior: Schallenberg

The defense ministry could remain in the hands of Thomas Starlinger as partisan. The Minister of Transition is to be forced by Van der Bellen. Next to him, the transitional foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg (a short-term confidant) could remain in office.

Starlinger Schallenberg

The transition ministers could stay longer …

Justice: Jabloner or Moser

Sensitive is also the occupation of the justice department. Individual Greens would wish for Clemens Jabloner to remain in office, the OVP is skeptical. Whether Josef Moser return there is still open.

Clemens Jabloner

Jabloner could stay, too.

Interior Minister: Andreas Pilsl

That the Greens can not or do not want to occupy the Ministry of Interior seems clear to all concerned. However, this delicate item should be filled sensitively. Turquoise and green could agree here on the Upper Austrian provincial police director Andreas Pilsl. It was installed under the VP Green Coalition in Upper Austria and should continue to enjoy the trust of both parties and the Federal President. He was prevented from appointing the interim government of the SPO and FPO as interior minister.

Andreas Pilsl

Andreas Pilsl was already in talks as Minister of the Interior in the expert government. Now again.

OVP relies on proven team

The other OVP ministers already headed the government's last government. Placed are Elisabeth KOstinger, Margarete SchrambOck, Hartwig LOger and Gernot Blumel. They should largely retain their ministries – agriculture, economics, finance and chancellor agendas. Whether Heinz Fabmann is celebrating a comeback as Minister of Education in a turquoise-green government is completely open.

LOger SchrambOck KOstinger
© TZOE / Kernmayer

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