16 goals in 11 games


1. “Lewandowski marks every day. Amazing statistics. "

@GaryLineker provokes a fun reaction from Bayern by praising the Polish striker with his fine humor ‘brittish’, almost always present in his ‘tweets. “Robert Lewandowski has scored in all Champions League games and in all Bundesliga games this season. It's november. Ridiculous statistics. ” The twitter of Bayern apostille: "Ridiculous player, Gary."

2. "Great football and impressive finish with a splendid Rashford."

"Some lovely things about Man Utd. Are we allowed to say that these days?" Again the irony of @GaryLineker to save the drinking of the Old Trafford club, tenth in Premier but with Rashford of exquisite reference.

3. "Cristiano may not be happy with Mr. Ramsey." Nor is sarcasm missing in @GaryLineker when commenting on the goal that Ramsey took from Cristiano Ronaldo in Lokomotiv-Juve (1-2) on the same line of the Russian goal.

4. “Rodrygo, the youngest hat trick with Raul. He had a decent career. ” ‘Tweets complimentary to Madrid's eighteen-year-old: “What an achievement! Rodrygo is the second youngest player to score a ‘hat-trick’ in the Champions League, like one Raul. Then he had a decent career. ”

5. "Incredible that Hamilton has not yet been named knight." The conquest of the sixth World Formula 1 by Lewis Hamilton leads @GaryLineker to raise a petition for who "is possibly our best athlete ever."

6. They are mark a supergol and apologize to camera for Gomes. ”

"Good detail". @GaryLineker culminates his reverent ‘tweet’ to the Tottenham Korean, who cried when he learned that he had accidentally caused the serious injury of the former Barca, now at Everton.


“Pep will kill the goalkeepers? A natural progression. "
Nth demonstration of @GaryLineker's sense of humor, by relating the well-known offensive manual of the City coach with the accident that Guardiola had to fix by having to send his side to serve as goalkeeper to finish the European match against Atalanta: “Bravo, expelled, and Kyle Walker, straight to the goal. Yes, Kyle Walker ”

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