2-2. The VAR can give Ivan Ania some oxygen


Santander, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Racing de Santander and Ponferradina signed boards (2-2) in El Sardinero thanks to a late goal from Nuha, awarded by the VAR, which can serve the local coach, Ivan Ania, for stay one more day in office.

As the Racing coach indicated in the previous match, the Ponferradina arrived in Santander with "the arrow up" and in the first stages the Berciano team, with more confidence in their game, led the initiative.

Gradually, the premises were released, mainly through Enzo Lombardo who, as usual, was shown as the most active player in the attack of Racing. A shot and a filtered pass from him to David Rodriguez, canceled out of play, were his first Cantabrian danger actions.

Racing, which given its qualifying situation had more urgencies, kept trying to approach, timidly, the goal defended by Caro with a distant shot by Bunuel and a heel shot by David Rodriguez.

In the second half, which began with a short delay because the referee, Areces Franco, had an impact with his communication team, Ivan Ania slightly modified his scheme and placed Enzo Lombardo more focused on the half point.

The change took effect soon and after just over ten minutes of the resumption a play between the lines of Lombardo himself ended with a shot, bitten, of Cejudo before which nothing could do Caro.

On the contrary that in other occasions, after the goal the Racing did not back down and continued looking for the goal of the Ponferradina to try to extend its advantage, however, an error of Yoda, who returned the ball back without looking, left Yuri only on the front and he saw Isi arrive on the right to beat Luca Zidane gently crossing the ball.

He spurred the Ponferradina, who smelled the blood on the verdiblancos nerves, and in just three minutes Yuri was able to turn the scoreboard in a hand-in-hand with Luca Zidane who could not solve.

Asier Benito also had a one-on-one that the French goal also disrupted, but Luca Zidane could not do anything to stop the penalty transformed by Yuri, after the striker himself was shot down by Olaortua inside the area.

The Ponferradina could sentence the game but in the 90th minute, VAR through, Nuha, who had been on the pitch for five minutes, turned well inside the area to get the final draw.

Data sheet:

2 – Racing de Santander: Luca; Aitor Bunuel, Olaortua, Jordi Figueras, Moi Delgado; Yoda, Mario Ortiz, Toribio (Nuha, min. 84), Enzo Lombardo; Alvaro Cejudo (Cayarga, min. 74) and David Rodriguez (Jon Ander, min. 79).

2 – Ponferradina: Expensive; They are, Franco Russo, Diori, Rios Reina; Isi, Sielva, Saul Crespo (Larrea, min. 58), Valcarce (Asier Benito, min. 64); Nacho Gil and Yuri (Manzanara, min. 86).

Goals: 1-0, min.56: Cejudo. 1-1, min. 66: Isi. 1-2, min. 83: Yuri of penalty. 2-2, min. 90: Nuha.

Referee: Areces Franco (Asturian Committee). He admonished the locals Olaortua (m.18), Lombardo (min.54), Aitor Bunuel (min. 75) and the visitors Franco Russo (m.39), Diori (m.42). He expelled the local Moi Delgado for double reprimand (mi.43 and mi.94).

VAR: Ortiz Arias (Madrid Committee).

Incidents: Party of the fifteenth day of the Smartbank League played in El Sardinero before 11,732 spectators. EFE

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