20 minutes – Boy (13) drives on a sidewalk, man tears him off the bike


Actually, the 13-year-old boy recently wanted to go to football training with his bike only in the evening. Shortly before five o'clock he was in the village center of Wald ZH. On the busy Rutistrasse he avoided the sidewalk. But that did not suit an older pedestrian. He scolded what it was.

The boy made a dangling on the street to make room for him, as the online portal Zueriost.ch reports. But it was already too late. According to the report, the man grabbed him by the arm and pulled him off his bike. The student fell and contracted bruises on his knees and shoulders. Also, the man is said to have pushed the student to the ground, as the mother wrote, according to the newspaper in a Facebook post.

"It's just not possible"

Two passersby hurried to his aid. "They told me later on the phone that my son could not answer their questions. He must have been so shocked, "says the mother to the regional newspaper. She is still stunned: "Something like that's just not possible." To grab a 13-year-old child and then just walk away is cowardly. She was glad that her son was well again.

Shortly after the incident, the mother in the center of the village discovered a man who appealed to her son's description. She reported him to the cantonal police in Zurich, as a spokeswoman confirmed. However, the 13-year-old will also be shown. It is clear to the mother that he made a mistake by avoiding the pavement with his bicycle, but she does not blame him: "There is always a huge ghetto in the rush hour traffic."


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