20 minutes – Here 900 liters of wine swim in Lake Zurich


There has been a Swiss premiere in Rapperswil-Jona since Friday. In the harbor, 900 liters of Johanniter wine mature in Lake Zurich in a specially constructed buoy. According to a statement by Rapperswil Zurichsee Tourismus, the buoy is named "Wellentanzer". The name of the buoy describes what it will do until the eruption on March 27, 2020.


Would you like to try this wine?

A buoy full of wine drifts in Lake Zurich

The idea behind the action is that the wine should not come to rest. Because a moving storage is to further refine the aroma. Since the yeast is thoroughly mixed, the taste is different to the wines stored in the cellar, it says in the message.


In the wine world one speaks of "terroir", the taste impression by region-typical soils and Kleinklimata. This thought inspired to let the wine ripen in the midst of what shapes it, the water. The title "wave dancer" gets a wine only when it ripens in the waters.

The wine comes from the winery Irsslinger from Wangen SZ. The Austrian winemaker Fabian Sloboda has invited the winery to enrich the project, which he initiated in 2017 and has received an excellent rating in the professional world, as the first partner.

No sinking

"140 days, the wine is moved without artificial energy and tempered at the water surface," says Robert Irsslinger, owner of the winery. A sinking of the wine on the lake bottom was out of the question. "The wine would be there motionless a constant temperature exposed, little difference to the cellar storage," said Irsslinger.

If you are interested in buying the wine, you can order up to twelve bottles of 0.75 liter each at the Irsslinger winery. The reservations are not binding.


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