20 minutes – Man does not see to the right because of slats


The police in Zug carried out passenger and vehicle checks on Friday at the motorway entrance in Cham and in Rotkreuz. In total, 28 vehicles and 47 persons were subjected to a thorough criminal and traffic police review.

The overriding objective of the controls was to expose crimes and arrest offenders. But the police also caught other motorists who did not follow the rules. For example, the man who came into control with several wooden slats in his car. The 54-year-old Swiss had pushed the slats to the windscreen. This was broken, which is why the vehicle was not reliable. In addition, the view from the passenger window was completely blocked, the police said. He was not allowed to continue until the cargo was correctly stowed and secured.

Five arrests

A policewoman was still able to observe how a driver and his passenger made a driver change while driving when they saw the police. At the A4a motorway entrance in Cham, the car was stopped and the four inmates checked. It turned out that the passenger had previously driven despite driving license withdrawal. The personal verification

revealed that one of the inmates was staying illegally in the Schengen area and that he was also wanted for arrest on account of his unlawful stay in Switzerland. The 33-year-old

Kosovare has to serve a prison sentence of 60 days. The three other vehicle occupants from Albania and Macedonia were suspected of moonlighting. They too were temporarily arrested.

As part of the control in Red Cross, a fifth person was arrested. The 36-year-old Algerian had a limit for the canton of Glarus, which is why he was illegally in the canton of Zug.

However, the task force also noted with satisfaction that the vehicle drivers passed the checkpoints at a moderate pace. «The Zug police thank you for the return

», she writes in a communication.


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