20 minutes – Porsche driver does not let out ambulance


On Friday, shortly after 18 o'clock, was an emergency doctor with a vehicle on the way from Ehingen (D) to Tengen (D). He drove among other things with flashlight and special signal.

Immediately after leaving Anselfingen (D) in the district of Konstanz, the ambulance approached a Porsche. The driver accelerated strongly and drove in front of the ambulance with significantly excessive speed, reports the police headquarters Konstanz. He slowed and accelerated each with the emergency vehicle. The ambulance was thus made impossible to pass by several times.

Escape route only cleared after approach

In a long, confusing right-hander, the Porsche also overtook a passenger car, presumably a silver-colored Opel Astra, according to the message. Only because of a speech on the outside speaker of the ambulance car made the Porsche driver the way for the ambulance.

Witnesses are requested at Tel. +49 7731-888-0 Police Station Singen.


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