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Sports simulations are such a thing. Every fall, new editions of popular sports games such as EAs "Fifa", 2Ks "NBA", "F1" or "Madden NFL" are released, causing manufacturers to rub their hands together. Because with a few updates, innovations and optimizations in sound and graphics, they usually make a lot of money.


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This "old wine in new hoses" principle repeatedly causes criticism among fans. However, one must also say that most sports simulations can maintain or even increase the level of their predecessor games. But there are exceptions. The new wrestling game "WWE 2K20" by 2K Games, for example, succeeded in completely driving a well-functioning sports game franchise into the ground. So much so that Sony – who have nothing to do with the game in and of itself – even offered players who had bought the game for the Playstation to refund the money.

Glitches and bugs

At the end of October, shortly after the release of the game, numerous mocking videos with bugs and glitches appeared on the net. In it, enemies simply stand still and do not stir for a second. Objects fly randomly through the air and you see wrestlers sinking into the ring floor, falling over invisible objects or getting caught in the ropes and gliding wildly through the ring. Or you meet a referee who slips on his knees through the ring – during the match, mind you. For many fans it is therefore clear: glitches, bugs and a significantly reduced optics compared to their predecessors make "WWE 2K20" the worst series product ever.

In fact, this game is hard k. o. – And because of the technology. For rarely had a supposed big title at its release with so many bugs to fight. This starts with abstruse graphics errors and extends to the AI, which seems to work randomly. There are also crashes, lags and jerks a gogo. Add to that the unclean controls that cause more trouble.

Tons of criticism

That it hails from all sides criticism and accumulate in the stores negative reviews, so not surprised. On Steam, the ratings for the game are mainly negative. And via Twitter have been formed under the hashtag # FixWWE2K20 user to move the developer to action.

The criticism is based primarily on lack of quality control. Because even with the character creation it comes to mistakes, and crashes are extremely common. 2K has improved a patch in early November and has promised further updates to the game.


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