20 minutes – SRF stops the regional Internet portals


The SRF stops all regional Internet portals. This is what the "Sonntagszeitung" writes in its current issue. They have opted for a "further centralization". In the future, the regional stories should be placed "clearly visible on the front of srf.ch".


Which SRF programs do you prefer to watch?

In the local there will be in the future no pure online editors more. The SRF leadership justified the move as follows: A "comprehensive quantitative analysis of market and audience research" has shown that the articles on the regional pages "hardly reach" and read too little.

"Is it just about clicks?"

The new strategy is "explicitly no austerity program," writes SRF, "there is no job cuts." On the other hand, the job profile of the regional online editors changes – from the fast news-desk to "authors with supraregional appeal".

As the Sonntagszeitung writes, the local editors are not happy with the decision. In an internal blog they write: "Are we really just trying to generate as many clicks as possible?" Another writes: It is in the nature of things that small local stories are not clicked as often as the national ones.

Since 2012, the regional editors have produced many digital content for the Web, the SRF app and social media "every day with great effort", spokesman Stefan Wyss writes. Formats and audience needs have changed dramatically in the past seven years, but the offer has never been fundamentally adjusted.

(Fss / SDA)

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