20 minutes – The classic car that does not want to age


Because of Zeitgeist: The Plus Six is ​​the first fresh Morgan in decades. But he looks like always. And even a new BMW engine and the first automatic in the history of the British manufacturer make the Roadster no modern car. And that's good. Because who spends at least 111,800 francs for a Morgan, not only expects an open sports car, the passionate and pleasurable and one moves through the room, but also wants to travel through time. And without digital help.


How do you like the new Morgan Plus Six?

It starts with the production. Because there are dull hammer blows from the flat brick hall, the floor is covered with shavings, instead of welding robots and conveyor belts, there are lathes and sewing machines. And where else it smells of oil and gasoline, the smell of wood glue and leather rises in the nose: Who enters Morgan's holy halls in Malvern Link for the first time, may not believe that we write the year 2019 and in the Pickersleigh Road cars are built for the here and now.

For many decades again a completely new car

But the impression is deceptive, and indeed enormous! Although Morgan looks like an open-air museum of automobile construction, time has not stopped. On the contrary, she has even made a huge leap this year. For the first time in many decades, the British have again developed a completely new car. Although this Plus Six looks just like any Morgan since the 1930s, when Malvern Link built the first cars with four instead of three wheels.

A long bow with butterfly hood, freestanding headlights, fenders over the entire flank, a low-cut cabin with stakes and a filigree tent roof and a short tail make it a baroque angel in the roadster sky. And still, the aluminum body is hand-gedged over a wooden frame. But with a new drive and a new gearbox, a new platform with a more spacious package and a new cockpit with reasonably modern equipment, the British are now heading for the future after 110 years.

For the first time in 110 years, the manual transmission is missing

Help comes from the new Italian co-owner Investindustrial, who was also involved in Ducati and put a lot of money into Aston Martin, as well as from BMW. The Munich now send their latest six-cylinder with the famous ZF eight-speed automatic to Great Britain. Although the CO2 emissions drop to 180 grams per kilometer, but he forces the Morgan community to two innovations, the scope for the conservative clientele is similar to the size of the fourth wheel on the car: For the first time in Morgan history There is a turbo engine under the bonnet, and for the first time in 110 years, there is no longer a manual transmission.

Basically, the Plus Six is ​​a cousin of the new BMW Z4. But as he struggles to return to the fabric roof to revive the good old roadster time and take all the electrical finesses to make the spark of driving enjoy it, the Plus Six is ​​a wonderfully analog and archaic car that will not leave anyone cold ,

Either you hate the brand-new vintage car and wonder why you should spend so much money for a draughty two-seater, which costs a few fingernails each time you open it, which does not even have airbags and even celebrates the central locking or automatic headlights as an achievement. Or you love him, because there is hardly any other car that is so pure and authentic and where you feel so close to the road.

The driving feeling is completely unadulterated

Turbo down, automatic ago – as soon as the Morgan drive up, is the end of the principles riding, and you can just enjoy: When 340 hp and up to 500 Nm hit just 1075 kilos, then you feel more like in a supercar than a retro roadster. If the sprint from 0 to 100 takes just 4.2 seconds, you can easily overtake even on the narrow lanes around Malvern Link.

And if beyond 70, 80 kilometers per hour, the wind blows through the small cabin with hurricane force, then the maximum 267 things are as scary as the speed of sound, and one hardly dares to hit the gas pedal.

The Plus Six is ​​exactly made for this. Falsified by any electronics and blessed with a chassis that does not shake one's bones out of the body, but still reports every little unevenness of the road directly to the coccyx as ever, one drives this Roadster alone for the sake of driving ,

With the buttocks almost on the tarmac, you sit in an extremely slim and narrow aluminum body, enjoy a perfect overview, place it with millimeter precision in the vertex of the curves, can carry out with a subtle rear swing and hunt through Cornwall and the fast Cotswolds, as if someone at Rosamunde Pilcher had pressed Fast Forward.

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