20 minutes – When the plane hits a bus


An aircraft of the type Dornier 328 starts from Bern-Belp to Usedom (D). On board are 17 passengers and three crew members. Shortly before taking off, it comes to the start abort. The plane starts to roll and slips out over the runway. The machine collides shortly before the stop with a bus that carries 20 passengers. The impact causes the bus to tip over. There are two dead and several injured.

Fortunately, this accident did not really happen, but on Saturday formed the scenario for a large-scale emergency exercise involving around 160 emergency services, 40 figurines and 15 specialists. Among other things, the Bern cantonal police, various fire brigades, the Sanitatspolizei Bern and a Care Team were involved, as can be seen in the communication from Flughafen Bern AG.

The European Aviation Safety Agency EASA stipulates that at regular scheduled and chartered airports every two years the entire emergency organization is practiced. Those of Saturday in Belpmoos will be evaluated in detail.


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