256 GB version on Singles Day for the best price


Hardly on the market, as the price of the new iPhone 11 slips down. On the so-called Singles Day there is the phone in the lavishly stocked virtually priced version with half as much memory – but only in one color. GIGA reveals the details.

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Update on 10.11.2019, 23:19 clock: Price drop for Singles Day
The iPhone is still so new that you do not expect any major price changes compared to the market launch. At least one remarkable offer is then shortly before the start of the "Singles Day" but then to announce. At Amazon, there is the buy. According to idealo, the historic best price was 880 euros and is currently hovering well above 900 euros. If you need a lot of storage space and can come to terms with color and LC display, you will find an excellent offer for the "basic model" of the iPhone 11 family here.
Important to know: The price is not displayed on Amazon directly on the product page, only the starting price and the discount – see screenshot. The discount will be charged at checkout, resulting in the reduced price of 814.34.

iPhone 11: Apple phone already discounted

We would have expected such a significant price decline only in a few weeks and months, but already there's the iPhone 11 well below the official Apple price. The manufacturer would like to have 799 euros for the mobile phone in the 64 GB version. The undercuts the price currently with 769 euros. But it will be even cheaper. Become Coupon Code "PSPARMEHR19" in the shopping cart on eBay, which saves another 50 euros. Thus the falls Price of the iPhone 11 – 80 euros below the Apple price. Currently available:

But it is worth the, because, the coupon ticket works on eBay until September 26 at 11:59, he can be redeemed 1x per person.

Since the iPhone 11 is only a few days on the market, the current price trend in Idealo, of course, still little meaningful. Interesting in this context, however, is the price forecast of the price comparison provider:

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iPhone 11, Pro & Max: When will the Apple phones be cheaper?

iPhone 11: Is the purchase worth it?

Recent tests certify the Apple iPhone 11 above all a very good battery life and an impressive dual camera with a convincing night mode. In short, a successful update to the predecessor iPhone XR. But their owners do not have to access and change. But if you own an older iPhone or own an iPhone, the new iPhone 11 should be the perfect Apple phone. In addition, as early as the latest Apple phone has never been so cheap. Ergo: The purchase is worth it, you can safely access.

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