28-24. Rocasa achieves a four-goal rental against Magura Cisnadie


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Rocasa Gran Canaria beat Magura Cisnadie this Sunday by 28-24 in the third round of the EHF Cup, after a tight match in which Lisandra Lusson was the player which has scored more goals in the Romanian goal.

The match began with the Grancanarias, slowing down the attack of the Romanian players, who had difficulties at the beginning of the game to mark Rocasa Gran Canaria, since they had to wait until minute five of the match to put the first and minute 14 for the next.

In the last fifteen minutes of the first part the players of Magura Cisnadie began to approach the score of Rocasa, concluding this first time with the score at 11-10.

The top scorers of this day have been the Cuban Lisandra Lusson with ten goals in the Romanian goal, followed by Tiddara Trojaola who scored five goals to her European rivals and Paula Valdivia with four, while the top scorer of Magura has been Mihaela Ani Senocico, with 11 goals in the goal of the Teldenses.

During the second part of the game, in which at times the pace of the game intensified, several points separated both teams until less than fifteen minutes to the end of the match the Romanians returned to approach the yellow players and put the scoreboard to 24-23 in the 25th minute.

Rocasa Gran Canaria managed to curb the last opportunities of Magura Cisnadie who stayed with 24 goals, while Lisandra Lusson gave the last joy of the day to her fans, marking in the last second the goal that ended with the match at the Antonio Island Pavilion Moreno at 28-24.

Data sheet:

28.- Rocasa Gran Canaria (11 + 17): Melania Falcon Gonzalez (-), Arinegua Perez Risco (-), Paula Valdivia Monserrat (4), Lisandra Lusson Miranda (10), Georgina Ramos Saavedra (-), Alba Chiara Spugnini Santome (-), Haridian Rodriguez Hernandez (2), Silvia Navarro Gimenez (-), Tiddara Trojaola Cabezudo (5), Katarina Tanaskovic (2), Maria Gonzalez Mendez (3), Kinga Gutkowska (2), Ana Belen Palomino Delgado ( -), Yraya Machin Garcia (-), Dacil Quevedo Padron.

Coach: Carlos Herrera.

24.- Magura Cisnadie (10 + 14): Andreea Madalina Predoi (2), Ana-Maria Tanasie (2), Adriana Gabriela Craciun (-), Ada Emilia Moldovan (6), Elena Gabriela Voicu (-), Maria Cristina Nan (1), Diana Predoi (-), Mihaela Ani Senocico (11), Jaqueline Anastacio (-), Maria Valentina Panici (2), Mirela Madalina Pasca (-).

Coach: Alexandru Mircea.

Marker every 5 minutes: 2-0, 5-1, 6-2, 8-5, 9-7, 11-10, (rest), 14-12, 16-13, 20-16, 22-19, 24 -23, 28-24, (final).

Referees: Ozren Backovic and Mirko Palackovic (Slovenes).

Incidents: Encounter played at the Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion, in Telde, before 300 spectators. EFE

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