30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall: the German president criticizes the "selfishness" of the United States


The German president on Saturday urged Donald Trump's United States to show "respect" for their allies and turn their backs on "national egoism" at 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

While these festivities were announced as consensual, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, whose role is honorary but is considered the moral authority of the country, has set foot in the dish by highlighting the occasion of the deterioration of transatlantic relations these last years.

In front of the mythical Brandenburg Gate, symbol until 1989 of the "division of Germany", Frank-Walter Steinmeier described in a speech the leading role of the United States, the "strong arm of the West", in the end of the Iron Curtain three decades ago.

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Tensions between the EU and the United States

"We Germans owe a lot to this America. To this America as a partner in mutual respect, as a partner for democracy and freedom, against national egoism. That's what I hope for in the future too, "said Steinmeier. A veiled, but clear, allusion to the current administration in Washington.

Donald Trump, who has not made an official visit to Germany since his election in 2016 and plans to build a wall between his country and Mexico, said Saturday in Germany "one of the most valuable allies" of the United States. United.

But from litigation about military spending to trade-related matters, relations between Germany and the United States have never been so tense in the post-war period since the election of Donald Trump.

Beyond that, the current head of state has repeatedly criticized the European Union. French President Emmanuel Macron has also worried this week that "for the first time, we have an American president (Donald Trump) who does not share the idea of ​​the European project."

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