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A total of 35,500 people have joined this Sunday to celebrate the centenary of the classic race Behobia-San Sebastian, that in terms of editions turns 55, and despite the bad weather they have been with the legendary Ethiopian fondista Haile Gebrselassie, which has kicked off and delivered the txapelas to the winners.

Lachgar and Barrachina, winners

As for the results, the Moroccan Chakib Lachgar, based in Gipuzkoa, gave the big surprise to be imposed in a spectacular test final to all the favorites, while in the women's race he won, also by surprise, the Alicante Barrachina gem.

The ultimate candidate for the final triumph, Iraitz Arrospide, current world champion of the 50 kilometers en route, led from the first stride, under an almost constant rain, leading a group of a dozen runners that was decreasing as the kilometers passed.

The travel hardness He made the first selection, the final group was formed, with Arrospide, Ivan Fernandez, Olmos, and the final winner Lachgar, who began to go a few steps behind but without losing the visual reference of his teammates.

The Maghreb runner, who seemed to have it impossible in the last meters, joined the group epicly in the final stretch, and less worn than his opponents, showed a speed point that few had to win a brilliant victory with great authority.

The female test had less emotion, the Canary Aroa Merino, the "Queen of Behobia"With three consecutive wins in the previous editions, he did not have his day; the cold froze his legs and from the start it was clear that he would not be able to reissue victory.

Diana Martin, the other great candidate, and Gema Barrachina advanced a position in the ranks and became the two clear aspirants for glory.

Barrachina, in the town of Errenteria, in mid-career, he left alone and made the last kilometers without any other company than the rain, and the support of the thousands of fans who cheered from the shoulders, to overcome without difficulty in the center of Donostia .

Gebrselassie, protagonist

Gebrselassie He has starred in this weekend several meetings with the runners of the Behobia. He attended the traditional Career Fair, where he took the opportunity to talk with the runners and give them advice to face the most emblematic race of the year, but also one of the most demanding. On Saturday, he led a training in the La Concha beach which was approached by about a hundred people.

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