5 good reasons to play badminton


"It's probably one of the most physical sports that exists," says Francois Beland, co-owner of the Fradette Sport boutique and a badminton player since his youth. This sport involves several muscles and joints, as well as the cardiovascular capacity of the players, because the wheel in motion a very long time requires many and fast movements.

"The practice of this sport improves coordination, flexibility and balance while creating an energy expenditure to improve endurance and fight against obesity. The different trajectories that the steering wheel uses also make it possible to improve psychomotor skills, as well as to sharpen concentration and visual functions, "said Alexandre Grosleau, communications coordinator for Badminton Quebec, in an article on the subject.

To raise his level of play, the badist (badminton player) develops several athletic qualities, including "speed of execution, timing of strikes, coordination of movements, power, agility and anticipation," adds Mr. Grosleau.

On a psychological level, badminton promotes "self-confidence and self-esteem," says Stephane Michaud, president of the Chaudiere-Appalaches badminton club, aimed at young people aged 8 to 18. When they play singles and win, they know it's because of them.

Since the objective of the game is to be the first (player or team of two) to win two rounds of 21 points, players must develop strategies to increase their score by winning exchanges.

The badists then have several blows in their sleeves to surprise their opponent, destabilize him and prevent him from returning the wheel. To do this, they can be as subtle "when you put your shots," says Louise Rheault, president of the St. Augustine Badminton Club, that force at the time of a smash or a release, for example . We must remain focused, try to predict the next ruse of the opponent, then deploy various tactics … In short, badminton keeps the mind awake and the body in motion.


Photo courtesy, Yves Lacroix

3 • Less risk of injury

A peaceful sport with courtesy, badminton causes fewer injuries than other more robust activities, such as hockey or football. However, no player is immune to muscle strain, knee or shoulder pain or snowshoeing. That's why Ms. Rheault recalls the importance of warming up before a game and stretching after congratulating the opposing team, communicating well with their partner and demonstrating a good team spirit. Then, she strongly recommends wearing safety glasses.

4 • Accessible and social

As soon as a child has the ability to handle racket and hit the wheel, usually around age 10, says Grosleau, badminton can be part of the activities that keep him active for a long time. "As long as your body can follow," it is possible to play badminton recreationally, says Rheault.

For example, an older player, who moves slower on the court, may be more strategic and become unbeatable in front by playing doubles, she says.

In addition, since this is an activity that is practiced in the gym, the wheels can be exchanged on the short 12 months per year. And even for beginners, the pleasure is felt very quickly.

Although played individually or in doubles, "it's not a solitary sport," says Beland. There is a sense of community and camaraderie in the gyms, "a social aspect that makes you forget the office, your problems, you relax," says Ms. Rheault.

Sportsmanship is an important aspect of sport. "There is not a lot of competition between recreational players, but rather a collaboration," rejoices Mr. Michaud.


Photo courtesy, Yves Lacroix

5 • Little equipment required

It is also said that badminton is accessible because it requires little equipment: a racket, sportswear, ruffles and a pair of shoes. "Everybody wants a good racket, but you have to start with good shoes for safety and performance reasons," says Beland.

As for the main accessory, racket, he estimates that a model worth $ 50 to $ 80 will provide a lot of fun to a novice player. For insiders looking for performance, rackets can cost up to $ 280.

Mr. Beland also recalls the importance of choosing the type of rope and the tension of it in store, with the help of a counselor, because it is "an important element of the performance of the racket ".

Finally, many used players will use nylon rims, resistant and less expensive, but the official ruffles of the badminton are composed of a cork head and a skirt in goose feathers.

Did you know that…

♦ According to a study (2016) conducted by Finnish researcher Pekka Oja with 80,300 Britons for 10 years, snowshoe sports, of which badminton is one, would make it possible to live longer.

♦ Parabadminton will enter the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020. Montreal athlete Pascal Lapointe is likely to be there.

♦ Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer.

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