50 euros for smartphone users – save on Black Friday again


Payment services for smartphones are in vogue. More and more financial service providers are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Now the offers are even more attractive for iPhone and Android users, because currently you can get a whopping 50 euros. What do you need to do for that? We'll tell you how you can get the money and save money on Black Friday, for example.

Source: GIGA and Consors Finance

Apple & Google Pay: 50 Euro with free Mastercard – ideal for Black Friday

Quite simply: Only apply for the free Mastercard from Consors Finanz * and you will receive after the first payment process (no minimum purchase value!) A credit in the amount of 50 € on the reference account. These can be scheduled for this year's Black Friday (November 29th). So you save 50 euros on the shopping offers.

By the way: It is really just a free credit card. You do not need to open another account at Consors. You will not be forced to change banks. This makes the card especially worthwhile for customers of the savings banks and Volksbanks who currently have to live without Apple Pay support, for example.

Important to know: The application for the card must be made by 30 November 2019. The use of the credit card must then happen until December 15, so that the bonus over 50 euros is still credited. Incidentally, the promotion only applies to new customers.

Tip: If you do not want to pay interest on repayments, you should definitely switch to a one-time repayment (90-day interest-free). This can be easily checked in the associated app for iPhone and Android and make (menu items My card -> purchases -> one repayment).

Pay contactless with iPhone, Android phone and Mastercard

Speaking of iPhone and Android: As already mentioned, Consors Financial is one of the service providers that support Apple Pay and Google Pay. Customers can therefore simply deposit their card in the appropriate wallet app on their smartphone and then pay contactlessly with their mobile phone – safe and easy. If you refrain from doing so, you can also use the card to pay direct contactless at suitable terminals. If you still need cash, you can use the Mastercard from Consors Finanz to withdraw money worldwide for free. However, the fees are only for an amount of 300 €, including fall to 3.95 €.

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