5k Muni Guate | Municipality of Guatemala celebrates a race to honor women prior to the Day of Nonviolence against Women


This Sunday a special and dedicated event for women was held: the race of 5 kilometers to commemorate the Day of Non Violence Against Women.

The participation surprised the organizers of the Guatemala Municipality since his career had thousands and thousands of women who went running and raised their voices to call for an end to gender violence.

The race began in the Plazuela Spain, where was the mayor of the capital, Ricardo Quinonez receiving the enthusiastic women who participated in the second edition of the # 5KMuniGuate.

Prior to the event, the excited participants sang the National Anthem of Guatemala And they heard the special words of the mayor.

Subsequently, the main streets of the metropolis were filled with green, as the participants had received a commemorative shirt to the # 5KMuniGuate.

At the end of the event, the women participated in a massive Zumba class to continue the festivities.

Likewise, The Municipality of Guatemala made the invitation to β€œjoin next year with that same attitude and effort”.

All the competitors received a medal where they are recognized for their participation and collaboration in the pedestrian race.

5k Muni Guate: Dedication kilometer by kilometer

One of the striking aspects of # 5KMuniGuate It was the dedication that received great characters from the social life of Guatemala.

The first kilometer was dedicated to the renowned chef Mirciny Moliviatis.

Also, the second kilometer went to the singer Daniela Guirola.

The third kilometer of the competition was dedicated to the national soccer player Ana Lucia Martinez.

Finally, the fourth kilometer went to the international gymnast Ana Sofia Gomez.

5K Race of the Municipality of Guatemala Photo | These were the dedications in the 5K race of the Municipality of Guatemala

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