79-87. Students lose bellows


Ricardo Molinelli

Madrid, Nov. 10 (EFE). – Movistar Estudiantes loses bellows after the new defeat against Morabanc Andorra, 79-87, in a match that began marked by its serious offensive errors that they could not overcome against a correct and orderly opponent.

Students insisted on complicating life from the first moment. His lack of concentration, his continued failures in attack and his weak defense made the Morabanc Andorra find a comfortable path to the first advantages on the scoreboard, 4-10 (min.5).

Much had to do in this situation the bad aim of Kenny Kadji, one of the main lighthouses of the schoolboys and especially denied in the first stages of the meeting.

The 0 of 5 triples of Madrid and 3 of 6 of the Andorran from 6.75 meters, determined the 11-17 with which the first quarter ended.

In the second act, Students increased the intensity on the track but continued to make rude mistakes in the pass that punished them and much in the scoreboard.

The principality team with a correct defense, without more, and relying on Moussa Diagne and Jeremi Senglin found a much more comfortable shock than expected.

Only some flashes of Dario Brizuela and the resolution of Victor Arteaga in the second quarter, prevented the party from decanting completely. The 34-41 with which he came to rest left the door open to any resolution.

Students recovered Kadji in the first minute of the resumption. He scored 5 points in a row and made it possible for Brizuela to tie the score (41-41) from the free throw.

With this start and the luminous matched, the schoolboys implied that they had overcome their worst nightmares and that a new party was starting, although it was later shown that it was not so.

Clevin Hannah joined the Andorran scoring car and Diagne continued to show her superiority under the hoops, but with the most scrambled and revolutionized party, Ibon Navarro, Morabanc coach, had to leave the game when the second technique was called (48-54 , m.25.30). His assistant David Eudal took the reins of the bench.

The Andorran team did not descend and closed the third quarter with a clear advantage on the scoreboard, 52-65.

Students made a final effort to try to redirect an increasingly complicated situation, but Andorra did not lose its nerves and showed maturity as an interesting team.

With 68-74 five minutes to go, Madrid thought they saw a light at the end of the tunnel, especially when Brizuela executed a triple side, 71-74 a minute later.

But it was a mere mirage, local failures and inaccuracies returned and Morabanc scored the final victory by 79-87. Students lose bellows.

– Data sheet:

79 – Movistar Students (11 + 23 + 18 + 27): Pressey (8), Brizuela (17), Vicedo (4), Kadji (15) and Arteaga (15) – initial five – Dangubic (7), Palaces ( 4), Sola, Dukan (2), Scrubb (6) and Arroyo (1).

87 – Morabanc Andorra (17 + 24 + 24 + 22): Sy (5), Massenat (12), Hannah (13), Todorovic (12) and Diagne (14) -five start-, Perez (6), Llovet ( 8), Walker (4), Colom and Senglin (13).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Javier Torres and Cristobal Sanchez. Phill Pressey (m. 36), Moussa Diagne (m.39) and Victor Arteaga (m.40) were eliminated by five personnel.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the eighth day of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de Deportes (Wizink Center) in Madrid before 7,312 spectators. EFE

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