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MEXICO – The Association of members of the Board of Trustees of the University Club designated by majority a Rodrigo Ares de Parga as president of the club for the 2016-2020 period, with 161 votes in favor of the 184 members.

The training as an economist of the manager and his relationship of more than 15 years as an external consultant of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, helped for the election in the position of Rodrigo, especially because Pumas faced a liability of 46.6 million pesos and the previous The club's administration had requested payment for television rights in advance, so there was no liquidity to face the 2016 Opening tournament.

Rodrigo Ares de Parga announced his resignation to the presidency of Pumas last October, to be carried out at the end of the 2019 Opening, and of that financial reengineering and economic consolidation that his presumed so much, the manager will leave 91 million pesos of profit, according to data obtained by ESPN Digital.

According to the latest management report from the president of the University Club, the team will close 2019 with a record surplus in the history of the club.

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During the Ares de Parga period, the team recorded profits of 111.7 million pesos, distributed as follows: 4.7 million pesos in 2016; 16 million in 2018 and 91 million this year.

The difference between income minus expenses results in a surplus for the club.

The only year where the club spent more of the money it entered was in 2017, with a loss of 3.7 million pesos.

Pumas obtained for economic commitments (where items such as television rights, sponsorships, ticket sales, signings, etc.) are considered an increase of 58% during the period of Ares de Parga in command, reaching up to 970 million pesos of Budget over the past year.

Between 2015-2018, the club generated 3,142 million pesos and its economic commitments amounted to 3,173 million pesos, but it will be until this year that 91 million pesos will be left in the club's account.

"This year we already have a remnant and in 2019 we will have a profit of around 100 million pesos, and we have to create a contingency fund in the club that allows us to face when we do not have good results," said Ares de Parga when announced the sponsorship of a bank.

One of the keys to the economic growth of the club were the business partners, going from nine brands in 2015 to 17 sponsors.

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