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Social anger does not fall. At the end of the year, actors are busy to make their voices heard. Maternal assistants, pension reform, emergency services: different actions are planned soon to try to move the government. A date is trotting particularly in the union spheres, that of December 5, which could mark the beginning of a strike of great magnitude. The whole thing will join the first anniversary of the demonstrations of "yellow vests".

Here is the social calendar of the next weeks.

● Thursday, November 14: emergencies still mobilized

Seven months of strike and more than 250 emergency services mobilized in France, nearly one in two services. "The public hospital is going through an unprecedented crisis today"says Inter Urgences, which has been working on the strike since its inception. Thursday, November 14, the group plans a new event in Paris that worries the executive. The main demands do not change: the reopening of beds as well as the increase of staff and salaries. The group estimates that it would be necessary to increase by 300 euros net monthly the lowest wages.

In seven months, the movement has been joined by many other hospital services. Operating room nurses or some hospital managers, among others, who could join the next emergency services, starting with the 14 November.

● Saturday, November 16th: the birthday of the "yellow vests"

A year ago, the "yellow vests" met for the first time. Out of breath for several months, the movement could resume on the occasion of this 53rd Saturday of mobilization. Several gatherings are already planned in the big cities.

● Tuesday, November 19th: the maternal assistants in the street

The recent reform that requires "Nannies" to refer to the website of the Family Allowances Fund has not been well received. For this reason, maternal assistants (more than 300,000 in France), are invited to demonstrate on Tuesday, November 19th. "The government has made the choice of a coercive method that, under the pretext of facilitating contact with employer parents, is actually a real flier" of the activity of the maternal assistants, denounced in a statement the collective of Maternal Assistants in Anger /"Pink Vests" and the CGT and FO federations.

This reform was implemented with the aim of improving, for parents, access to available childcare places. An approach that many assistants would like to see as optional, not to be forced to publish contact or address on a public site. From now on, they will also have to indicate their tariffs, what to induce "a competition" and level the prices "from the bottom", according to Émilie Ferbos, one of the movement's spokespersons, to AFP.

● Thursday, November 29: new march for the climate

A few days before the COP 25 for the climate to be held in Madrid from 2 to 13 December, a new call for action was launched to warn about the climate emergency. The date is also chosen ten days before the World Climate Day, December 8.

On the 21st of September last, this same march for the climate ended in confusion, after the dispersion of the cortege that "yellow vestsAnd black blocks had joined.

● Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1: anti-PMA march

After their mobilization on October 6, anti-LDCs will redefine "everywhere in France", The time of a weekend. The extension of the PMA to lesbians and single women had been adopted in mid-October in the Assembly. The first mobilization brought together 74,500 people, according to the count of Occurrence, independent firm.

● Thursday, December 5: start of an "unlimited" strike?

This is undoubtedly the date most feared by the government. In less than a month, a giant strike against the pension reform should be put in place on Thursday, December 5. For the moment, eight unions in the railway sector, including the CGT-Cheminots (the first SNCF union) have joined the project, already counting in its ranks the largest unions of the railway company and the RATP. At the root of this anger: pension reform. Unions refuse to abolish their special pension schemes in favor of a universal system. One possible solution, mentioned by the government, would be to enforce the new system only for new entrants.

To try to defuse the conflict, the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari told the unions of the SNCF that they will be given opportunities on the subject of pensions by 22 November. On the air side, Air France's first Air France ground staff union, FO Air France, has announced that it will also go on strike as of 5 December.

● 3 February 2020: liberal professions also against pension reform

If we look a little further back in time, another strike could see the light of day at the beginning of February 2020, on the same subject of pensions. This would be launched at the call of the collective SOS pensions and would concern a wide range of liberal professions. Line pilots, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, lawyers, thousands of people already gathered in the streets last September 16th simply threaten to stop their activity. If there is no compromise by then.

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