A child with a yellow star on the march against Islamophobia is controversial


PARIS – Thousands of people marched on Sunday (November 10th) in Paris for a controversial march against Islamophobia, which tore apart the left and provoked an outcry from the government and the far right.

"Yes to the criticism of the religion, not to the hatred of the believer", "stop to Islamophobia", "to live together, it is urgent", could one read on placards of demonstrators in the middle of many French flags . "Solidarity with the veiled women", chanted participants.

Among the protesters was Senator EELV Esther Benbassa, who shared a photo of the march where she can be seen among onlookers with French flags.

But it is the little girl on the far left of the image who has arrested several personalities on social networks, such as the deputy LR Francois-Xavier Bellamy, LREM MP Aurore Berge, the writer Bernard-Henri Levy or the lawyer Alain Jakubowicz. The first two cities have openly attacked Esther Benbassa, as we can read in their tweet below.

If we look more closely, this girl is wearing on her white coat "a yellow star in the center of which is written 'muslim' and a yellow crescent side by side," reports a journalist The cross present at the march.

"No Muslim in France suffers what our parents suffered during the second world war and I wish them never to suffer," said Ariel Goldmann, president of the United Jewish Social Fund, institution of the Jewish community in France. social field.

The development of Esther Benbassa

In the evening, Esther Benbassa tweaked through her Twitter account, claiming she had not "noticed these insignia" and was offended by being "treated as anti-Semitic and denialist".

"The only goal of some seems to be to dirty a successful, fraternal, warm march where everyone has publicly called for a happy cohabitation between Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists," she said.

About the yellow star, "what if it was only a tribute to the past suffering of the Jews and a warning against any possible drift?" Asked Esther Benbassa again.

Asked by BFMTV before this march against Islamophobia, Esther Benbassa had "assumed (e)" to maintain its presence. She had declared to go there "as citizen, republican, democrat, to support the Muslims and the Moslem women who are for a moment attacked".

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