A famous Russian historian, decorated with the Legion d'Honneur, confesses to having killed and dismembered a former student


This great specialist Napoleon was apparently drunk when the police took him out Saturday morning of the river Mika, in St. Petersburg, the former imperial capital of Russia, carrying a backpack in which were two arms of woman and an alarm gun.

According to local media reports, he had fallen into the river where he planned to throw body parts. His intention was to get rid of the body completely and commit suicide publicly, dressed in Napoleon, add the Russian media.

"He acknowledged his guiltAlexander Potchouev, his lawyer, told AFP, adding that the 63-year-old historian, currently hospitalized and treated for hypothermia, regretted his act and was ready to cooperate with the police.

He must be brought before a court on Monday to decide on his incarceration.

Oleg Sokolov reportedly told investigators that he had killed an ex-student Anastassia Echchenko with whom he had an affair and who lived at home, and then cut off his head, arms and legs in an attempt to get rid of him. ensure the Russian media.

Anastassia Echchenko, 24, was also passionate about the Napoleonic era and liked wearing period costumes like him. After being her student, they continued their collaboration and she had co-authored several books with him.

Holder of a chair of history at the State University of St. Petersburg, Oleg Sokolov was the author of several books, some translated into French. Decorated with the Legion d'Honneur in 2003, he also worked as a consultant on Napoleon films and documentaries.

He was also a member in France of the scientific council of Issep, the school founded by former far-right MP Marion Marechal, who dismissed him from the announcement of his arrest.

"Being professor of the chair of modern history at the University of Saint-Petersburg, intervened as director of studies invited to the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes at the Sorbonne, decorated with the French Legion of Honor, we do not Let's not imagine that he could commit this heinous act, "said Issep in a statement.

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