A faster return in case of an operation for Gordon Hayward?


When leaving the locker room for the start of the 3rd quarter, teammates from Gordon Hayward have learned his fracture of the left hand.

"We're all sorry for him because he worked so hard to get back from his injury. Now we have to play for him until he comes back, we have to hold the fort. " Marcus Smart

" I was angry. I did not say anything, I was a little shocked. In these situations, it's hard to say anything, you do not know what to say sometimes. But yes, it's hard. We will miss him. " Kemba Walker

"Since I've been here, he's an example to me, I love his work ethic. It is sad that it is him, but we will continue to move the train, we will do everything for him. " Javonte Green

"It's hard, I do not know how long it will miss, but I know it's difficult. Especially since he was playing really well, and we need him to go where we want to go. We wish him to return as soon as possible. It'll be fine for him, I think, we'll wait for him to come back and try to keep all this during his absence. Jaylen Brown

Injured in the 2nd quarter on a screen of LaMarcus Aldridge, the winger will meet a specialist of the hand. We will then know if it should be operated or not.

"It would seem that if the operation is the chosen option, the downtime could be shorter. We'll see, who knows? It's a shame. I told him to just keep your head up, because that's the only thing he can do. He has worked hard, he is in good shape and he will remain so. Now he will have to encourage our wingmen on the bench. They will have to be ready to contribute every night. "Brad Stevens

via Boston Herald

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