A former Pampean mayor is found dead: they believe he was beaten to death


It is investigated if he was killed during an attempted robbery. It happened in the Pampas town of Rancul.

A former mayor of the Pampas municipality of Rancul was found dead, with signs of having been beaten, at his home in that town and it is investigated if he was killed during an attempted robbery, police sources reported.

The incident was discovered on Sunday morning, in a house located on Quintana Street, in that district of the north end of the province of La Pampa, where only Hector Ceferino Lapettina (88) resided.

A Rancul Police source explained that the old man was found dead inside the home, which was messy and scrambled, and that at first sight the victim presented blows.

As a result of the finding, personnel from different police departments in the area and the attorney general Armando Aguero intervened, who in the afternoon moved to the aforementioned town where some 3,300 inhabitants reside.

The researchers awaited the results of the autopsy to determine the mechanics and data of death, among other issues, after which, the remains of the old man will be veiled in the room of the Aimar Demaria Company located on Rivadavia and Irigoyen Street, in Rancul .

According to the public said company through its Facebook account, Lapettina "enjoyed the friendship of his people who saw him born, having worked at the Sarmiento Railway for many years and was also a municipal mayor of this town ending his term in the year 83 ".


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