A grandfather abused his four-year-old granddaughter while his daughter was shopping


A mother entrusted the care of her two small children to her father without ever thinking about what finally happened. After the woman left home to do the shopping, the grandfather of the boys, 4 and 7 years old, Abused the child. His little brother was witness of horror and the accused, to cover the fact, tried to persuade the victim so that blame the baby For the sexual attack. His daughter denounced him and Justice prohibited him from approaching his grandchildren.

As soon as his mother returned, he said that while he was in the bathroom with his pants down, his grandfather entered and He started to shake and kiss her in their private parts. His little brother was a witness and the woman, desperate and distraught, talked to him to confirm that everything he told her was true, what the boy ratified. He even told him that the grandfather, before leaving the house, tried to persuade the victim to accuse him of what had happened.

He immediately went with the boys to the hospital, where they checked the girl and ruled out that she had injuries compatible with a rape. The doctor recommended that the mother make the complaint and she did so, in a police presentation against her own father.

The case was handled by the prosecutor Maria Cecilia Rimini of Anatuya, which ordered among other measures to notify the accused of prohibition to approach to his grandchildren, slogan The Liberal

He gave candy to a girl, invited her to his house and raped her

It was not the only case of child sexual abuse that occurs in Santiago del Estero, since days ago they denounced a merchant who gave him candies to a girl to gain her trust and sympathy although with an aberrant intention: He took her home to rape her. The sexual attacks occurred in Loreto and were denounced by the victim's mother, who is eight years old.

The defendant is a neighbor and merchant in the area. Justice ordered his arrest. As it was learned, the man approached the girl with candies and then invited her to his house, with the excuse that he was going to play with his daughters.

The victim's mother discovered the atrocities suffered by the baby while bathing her, when he detected in his body injuries compatible with sexual abuse with carnal access. He asked her what had happened to her and she revealed the nightmare she was going through. He said the defendant "gave away candy" and he did "bad things".He gave details of the places where he was submitted and also said that he threatened her So he wouldn't give it away. After hearing the story, the mother made the complaint against her neighbor in the Office of the Minor and the Woman of Loreto, Santiago del Estero.

The case was handled by the Sexual Abuse Fiscal Unit by the prosecutor Jesica Lucas, slogan Chronicle. The judicial officer ordered the arrest of the defendant, among other measures.The girl was reviewed by police officers, who They confirmed that the girl was raped. The coroner determined that the victim had lesions in the genital area compatible with violations. The girl declared in Gesell Chamber, where she told the details of the abuses she suffered.

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