A grandfather abused his granddaughter while his daughter was shopping


10 November, 2019 17:22

The adult was in charge of two minors. The older brother saw the situation and gave it away.

The abuse case is investigated by the Anatuya Justice (Photo: capture Google Maps).

A mother went shopping and he entrusted the care of his two little children to his dad, without thinking that he would make a terrible mistake. The horrific episode happened in Anatuya, Santiago del Estero.

After the woman left her house for the supermarket, the grandfather of the boys, from 4 and 7 years old, Abused the child. His little brother witnessed the horror and took courage to betray the old man

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For his part, the accused, to cover the fact, He tried to persuade the victim to blame the baby for the sexual assault. His daughter denounced him and Justice prohibited him from approaching his grandchildren.

As soon as his mother returned, he said that while he was in the bathroom with his pants down, his grandfather entered and He began to handle her, and also kiss her in her private parts. Desperate and distraught, the woman spoke with the younger brother to confirm that everything she told him was true.

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Next act, the young woman went with the boys to the hospital, where they reviewed the four-year-old girl and ruled out that he had injuries compatible with a violation. The doctor recommended that the mother make the complaint against her father and did so.

Grandpa is forbidden to approach his grandchildren

the police reported the situation to the Prosecutor Dr. Maria Cecilia Romini who ordered that the little girl be examined by the coroner.

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He also requested that the police arrive at the house of the accused, identify him and inform him that, under the warning of law, He is now prohibited from approaching his grandchildren.

On the other hand, the children will be assisted by psychologists, who will determine whether or not they are viable heard in Gesell Chamber.

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