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One of the most uneven histories of Argentine football has Rosario Central and River Plate as protagonists, deepening the difference with each visit of the Auriazules to the Monumental, a tremendously adverse scenario in the last 22 years.

Is that to find the last celebration of Rosario Central visiting the Millionaire you have to go back to the 1997 Opening Tournament, 3-1. Since then 17 games were played in that context, with 12 victories for the Millionaire and 5 draws.

That rainy afternoon, those directed by Miguel Angel Russo hit the double shouts of Ruben Da Silva and Horacio Carbonari, discounting the Chilean Marcelo Salas for the band. The last lineup he won at the Americo Vespucio Liberti stadium was made up of Gaston Sessa; Gonzalo Gaitan, Horacio Carbonari, German Gerbaudo and Juan Ramon Jara; Eduardo Coudet, Maximiliano Cuberas, Omar Palma and Juan Pablo Rochi (ST 19 'German Rivarola); Rafael Maceratesi (ST 40 'Diego Jose) and Ruben Fernando Da Silva (ST 43' Marcelo Carracedo).

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