a six-year-old boy found dead in a hotel room


His father was found hanging from an electric pylon along a country road.

A six-year-old boy was found dead on Sunday, November 10 in a hotel room in Friville-Escarbotin (Somme), reports France Bleu Picardie. A little earlier, his father had been discovered, hanging from an electricity pylon, along a country road, six and a half kilometers further south, in the municipality of Yzengremer.

The day before, the father had warned his relatives by telephone about his suicidal intentions. Among them, his ex-companion, the mother of the child. The first elements of the autopsy reveal that the child was not beaten on his body. Sleeping pills and a helium cylinder attached to a diving mask were found in the room near the boy.

A flagrance investigation for murder is currently open. The exact course and circumstances of the arrival of the father and his son in the Somme still remain to be clarified. Both were from Lorraine.

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