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It has happened again: After the 1: 2 home defeat against TSG Hoffenheim separates the 1st FC Cologne from his head coach Achim Beierlorzer. The Franke had taken over the challenging task of holding the "Billy Goats" in the Bundesliga only in the summer – after eleven match days and the DFB Pokalaus is now over, for him take over Andre Pawlak and Manfred Schmid. The two co-coaches had already shared after the separation of Markus beginning in April, the care of the team – the former Kiel coach had been dismissed on table position one in the 2nd Bundesliga.

Only a few months later, his successor, the managing director Armin Veh for a six-digit transfer fee of Jahn Regensburg had started and installed as Cologne head coach, at Geibbockheim again history. Beierlorzer took over because Veh had chosen him – and contrary to the practices in professional football had little interest in selecting alternative candidates to present and put up for discussion.

Beierlorzer may devote himself to the nicer side of life

This was his coach, expressed Veh, the squad "belong" to him, because he bears the responsibility – in this constellation managed the Bundesliga promoted just until the eleventh matchday. At least, people in Cologne quickly realized that the effzeh had committed a pleasant contemporary: The football teacher sprayed optimism right from the start, seemed communicative and open.

COLOGNE, GERMANY - JULY 04: Head coach Achim Beierlorzer issues instructions during the 1st FC Koeln training session at Geissbockheim on July 04, 2019 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Christof Koepsel / Getty Images)

Photo: Christof Koepsel / Getty Images

His background as a pedagogue is generally considered an advantage in a difficult job as a coach, which is why some of the new season was expected in Cologne. Also Beierlorzers game idea was clear from the beginning: 4-4-2 basic order, intensive start and focus on switching. Although he did not want to invent the wheel, in a mediocre Bundesliga such an approach seemed quite sufficient with this squad to hold the class.

And the voices, Beierlorzer is a bad coach, you can simply iron out with the reference to his final grade in the football teacher training – the 51-year-old had passed with 1.0. Although the quality of a coach can not only be measured by this grade, the definition "football teacher" is based on a DFB system that football coaches have to go through in order to be allowed to work in the Bundesliga.

A coach can not influence everything

It is also possible to discuss the conception of this system, but the post must somehow be filled – the choice of Beierlorzers in the summer therefore seemed reasonably appropriate and comprehensible. The evidence to the contrary that another coach would have done the same much better, would have to provide critics anyway anyway. As with his superior veh, Beierlorzer now has time to devote himself to the beautiful things in life and to distance himself from 1. FC KOln.

Cologne's German coach Achim Beierlorzer reacts during the German first division Bundesliga football match 1 FC Cologne v BVB Borussia Dortmund in Cologne, Germany on August 23, 2019. (Photo by UWE KRAFT / AFP) / RESTRICTIONS: DFL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT ANY USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS AS IMAGE SEQUENCES AND / OR QUASI VIDEO (Photo credit should read UWE KRAFT / AFP / Getty Images)

Photo: UWE KRAFT / AFP / Getty Images

Because with all due respect to the history of the club and the passion of the fans: At FC beat the poor personnel decisions of recent years now fully through, the club will have to fight badly to create this season's league. In short: The three-time German champion has more than lived up to his reputation as a chaos club in recent days and weeks. The sporting negative spiral of recent weeks ensures before the international break now that the 1. FC Cologne without CEO and head coach in the coming time starts.

Of course, this is also due to the athletic performance, for which Achim Beierlorzer is also responsible – but the way in which a team successfully plays football also has an influence on other things, if only indirectly. And at 1. FC Cologne it was clear in the last weeks that a coach can not influence everything. The success or failure of the FC starts at least three functional levels above the team – with the election of the new Bureau in September lives at least the hope that it could be better in the near future and better decisions are made in the next few months.

Irony of fate: Adamyan takes care of Beierlorzer's off

The power, which has built up the two managing directors Wehrle and the now geschgesch Veh, manifests itself in an unbalanced compiled squad, the athletic quality should be sufficient in itself for the fight for relegation. For Achim Beierlorzer, that meant last week that he faced a bizarre situation in his job as a football teacher: while most of the public was expecting to be released after the defeat in Dusseldorf, the Joint Committee granted him a one-week reprieve – The home game against Hoffenheim should still be awaited.

Photo: JOrg Schuler / Bongarts / Getty Images

If it really was that Beierlorzer's future depended on the bare result of the match, it was Dominick Drexler's foul on Hoffenheim's joker Adamyan that caused the split. Jurgen Locadia converted the penalty in injury time, the FC lost, Beierlorzer was dismissed the following day. The Summit: Sargis Adamyan worked with the former FC coach for two years while still working for Regensburg.

Beierlorzer supported the striker so in his development, so that Adamyan could switch to the Bundesliga – a few months later, the seal of his former boss. Football is sometimes really abstruse. And sometimes you can not do anything against a negative dynamic – as much as you try.

It almost does not matter who trains 1. FC KOln

This powerlessness may have been felt more frequently in recent times Beierlorzer, as on the one hand weak performances (Dusseldorf), Spielpech (Mainz) or smuggled games (Saarbrucken) alternated. That a coach makes mistakes, the 51-year-old can not be accused – this happens and will continue to happen. By 1 FC Cologne with these organizational and process structures to be a coach, but now seems simply an almost impossible task. This had to recognize Markus beginning, who chose as a successful second division coach the way to the big football city of Cologne and failed there at the club and a little to himself.

With Beierlorzer the Cologne construct has now worn out the second coach within a very short time, even his pleasant sympathetic nature could not keep him in office. The feeling does not let one go, that in the last years almost does not matter, who sits on the coach bench of 1. FC Cologne – at some point loses everyone against the gears of this club. Beierlorzer was the 20th head coach of the FC in this millennium.

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