A tragic clash between a bus and a truck left at least four dead and eight injured near Gualeguaychu


A tragic dawn left a balance of at least four dead 8 injured in the National Route 14, near Gualeguaychu, when a long distance bus and a truck collided. The collective would have ramming from behind to the trailer.

The balance, for the moment, is of four people dead: one of the drivers of the micro, of Paraguayan nationality (at the time of the accident it was on the side of the companion) and three passengers (a man and two women). They died on the spot.

The group had left at 1.30 am from Asuncion, Paraguay, and was headed for Retiro. The crash It would have been at 6.30 a.m.. The driver of the truck, a 35-year-old Brazilian, said that the bus had about sixty passengers, and that it hit him from behind on his trailer.

The truck was carrying oranges, so the fruit was scattered along the route.

The Criminalistic Division, the Rural Crimes Brigade and staff of the 7th Police Station work there. from Gualeguaychu. In addition, there are volunteer firefighters and police from nearby jurisdictions such as Ceibas and Villa Paranacito.

95% of the micro occupants are of Paraguayan nationality They were coming to Buenos Aires. The visibility was optimal, there was no fog and the conditions of the route are good.

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