a White House official paints a scary portrait of Donald Trump


"It insults, gets confused, gets irritated easily and has problems to synthesize the information, and it does not happen from time to time, but regularly". Throughout the 259 pages of A Warning (A warning), a book to be published November 19 in the United States, an unnamed high-ranking White House official describes a cruel, unfit and dangerous Donald Trump for the American nation.

The Washington Post, who was able to consult the book before its release, gave an account of this terrifying portrait of the President of the United States. The acid pen of the author, who wished to remain anonymous, describes a head of state amateur of sexist and racist jokes, familiar with bloodshed and which gives rise to a heavy work atmosphere within his administration.

Control the "worst inclinations" of Trump

"He acts like a twelve-year-old in a control tower, who presses all the buttons of the government indiscriminately, indifferent to planes skidding on the runway and flights that desperately depart from the airport". The senior official draws on his observations and his own experience in the Trump administration. He, however, knowingly omits details so that it is not possible to go back to him.

Still anonymously, he had already published a tribune in the New York Times in 2018, entitled Je are part of the resistance inside the Trump administration. He assured that he had chosen not to resign in order to control the president andhis worst inclinationsEven claiming he was not the only one in this situation. In his forthcoming book, he admits to being wrong about this "silent resistanceBecause Donald Trump is "who he is", Unable to change.

Sexist and racist remarks

His anecdotes about the president's sexist and racist nature and remarks are chilling. "He comments on make-up, makes jokes about weight and criticizes outfits (…) He uses terms like "my darling" to address accomplished professionals. A boss should not behave this way in a work environment".

According to him, the American president even tried to emulate the Hispanic accent at a meeting in the Oval Office in which he attacked migrant women trying to cross the border: "They say : "Oh, please, help us! My husband left me! "They are useless. They do not do anything for our country. At least, if they came with a husband, we could put him in the fields to pick corn".

The spokeswoman for the president, Stephanie Grisham, she said Thursday the book "lies" and D'"fictional work", Treating his author of"loose". The Department of Justice has also warned the Hachette Publishing House and the author's agents that this book may violate a confidentiality agreement. In response, one of the agents accused the administration of trying to obtain information about the author of this portrait.

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