A young woman slashes in Cobatillas the man who was raping her


A 37-year-old man, whose identity has not been provided, was arrested today in the Murcia town of Cobatillas accused of sexually assault a young woman, sources close to the case report.

The events took place in the street of La Cebada of the aforementioned population of Murcia, about half past nine in the morning. The victim, a 23 year old girl, he defended himself from the attack with a knife and managed to lash out at the subject, although, in the struggle, he made a cut, but only in the hand.

Civil Guard agents were mobilized to the place, who, seeing that the alleged rapist was bleeding heavily, requested the presence of toilets. They moved in an ambulance and attended the alleged aggressor in situ, to whom they gave some points in the hand. His life is not in danger. ANDHe was aware and did not need to be taken to any hospital. The Benemerita took care of him.

Also lThe toilets helped the girl, who was very nervous, and they transferred her by ambulance to the Virgen de la Arrixaca de Murcia, to undergo a forensic examination. Sources close to the case pointed out that the victim shows obvious signs of having suffered a sexual assault with penetration.

The alleged aggressor said that it was spoiled sex and he thinks the woman, who has another partner, has invented rape precisely for that.

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