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Like all canton employees, teachers and members of the school administration are also entitled to expenses. These must be paid by the communities. In practice, it looks obviously different. Many teachers are too generous, says Roland Amstutz, legal advisor to the Teachers Association Education Bern, on "NZZ am Sonntag". They would pay costs that would actually have to pay the communities.

Elisabeth Abbassi, President of the Aargauer Lehrerverband, says at the "NZZ am Sonntag" that spending on private electronics would be the main issue. While the students would be equipped with computers or tablets, the teaching staff often requires the use of the private device. According to Abbassi, the costs of preparing school trips and camps have also increased.

It is unclear how much the teachers pay from their own sack. According to "NZZ am Sonntag", a study by the Teachers' Association in 2002 came to 4200 to 6400 francs a year. Thomas Minder, the headmaster association president, estimates the amount at about 500 francs a year. Extrapolated to the approximately 100,000 teachers in Switzerland, this amounts to millions.

Abbassi says that often it is not even evil will that nothing is paid. Many communities simply would not have it on the radar. The canton of Aargau is aware of the topic. In December 2018, the education department published a leaflet with instructions on how to deal with expenses at elementary schools. For example, it states that teachers and school board members should be provided with the necessary equipment or that they should receive appropriate compensation for the use of their own equipment. The leaflet recommends compensating for the use of your own computer with 200 francs a year. (NLA)

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